• Earth Day Milk and Bookies Lorax Party! Earth Day Milk and Bookies Lorax Party!
    Dr. Seuss’ Lorax makes a PERFECT PARTY theme for young children, and it’s also a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day.  TRY to IMPART THE LESSONS OF THE LORAX on children, they are the hope for the future and are eager to be stewards of our planet, if you give them the chance.  Not only has the movie made the story hot and the characters more beloved than ever, the Lorax is a perfect parable […]...
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  • 20 Of The Best Brunch Tips and Recipes! 20 Of The Best Brunch Tips and Recipes!
    Brunch is a simple and special way to celebrate with family and friends.  Hosting can be less stressful, and a more enjoyable and budget-friendly way to entertain.  Below we share tips, ideas and links to some recipes that will make is easy! 1.    Serve the right balance of breakfast and lunch foods. Why?  Your guests will fall into 1 of...
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  • Easter Ham Glaze That Will Amaze!  Easter Ham Glaze That Will Amaze!
    Glazing a ham can definitely turn it from simple to special. For starters, a glaze is any combination of ingredients that is brushed or slathered on the meat to enhance its flavor. If you google ham glazes you will get 256,000 results, so here is the short list. My rule for a good glaze is no more then 5 ingredients....
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  • The Perfect Bloody Mary & Egg Bar with Mark Addison and Oxi Clean The Perfect Bloody Mary & Egg Bar with Mark Addison and Oxi Clean
    Picture above Mark Addison> Whether it’s a cocktail party with friends, dinner with your significant other or hosting the whole family for a holiday feast, at home entertaining is a great way for those you love to come together over good food and drinks.  But few of us have the hours needed to get the job done – and perhaps...
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  • Perfect Passover Matzah Balls! Perfect Passover Matzah Balls!
    My favorite dish at the Seder Dinner is the Matzah Balls!  They’re delicious and I have enjoyed them as a stand alone dish and in soup (my fave!) I don’t celebrate Passover, but I have been fortunate to have been invited to a few Seder dinners with my neighbors and friends.  I was always so struck by the care and...
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  • Lobster De Mayo Hosted by The Food Network's: Katie Lee Lobster De Mayo Hosted by The Food Network’s: Katie Lee
    New York City in spring, lots of delicious lobster, tequila, famous chefs and more: Lobster de Mayo is what we call a party, or maybe heaven on earth!  Plus it’s a party with a purpose hosted by Katie Lee to benefit City Harvest.  Hope you can join us!  The details and press release are below. “Tails” of the City Unfold:...
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  • Sriracha Cocktail Recipes! Sriracha Cocktail Recipes!
    Sriracha is hot, both literally and figuratively. It seems everything from potato chips to lip balm has been flavored with it, and science tells us it is more than just its taste that makes people so crazy for it. The potent compound capsaicin found in chili peppers triggers a reaction which leads your brain to believe you have been burned,...
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