12 Days of Christmas Holiday Craft and Activity with Command™ Brand

Bring the 12 Days of Christmas to life with the 12 Days of Christmas “Good Deed” Cards DIY wall art.

We loved creating this craft and the kids are so excited to get started this holiday – Dec 12th to be exact!  The best thing about this project is that it pulls double duty as a fun holiday decoration and a meaningful holiday activity.  It will have children jumping at the chance to reveal their next good deed! 


  1. Recycle holiday cards from years past by using the covers of the cards to decorate 12 clasp envelopes.  You can find these envelopes in office supply stores and online – red works well for this project.
  2. Paste the cover of the card onto the backside of the clasp envelope (the back is the side with the clasp).
  3. On a sheet of paper write a “good deed” to be done, then fold the paper and put it inside the clasp envelope, so there’s no peeking.
  4. Close the clasp and attach a decorative ribbon to it.  Make a loop so that you can hang it on the wall fastening it to the clasp with a knot and bow at the bottom.
  5. Use Command Clear Mini Hooks to hang each card.
  6. Hang your DIY wall art on a door in a 4 x 3 or 2 x 6 pattern.

Note: After the holidays,  follow the damage-free, stress release technology package instructions to remove Command Clear Mini Hooks from the wall.

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Disclosure:  We were paid to develop ideas using Command™ Brand Clear products. We were not compensated for for this blog post and have adapted the images from 3M for our readers.


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