Last Day Of School DIY Treat!

Pick your FISH, salty or sweet – they’re both cute!

Here’s an idea that you probably have seen before, and I tip my hat to the one that came up it first.  If you read this and know the answer, please comment below so I can give proper credit.  Versions of this idea are all over the internet and on countless blogs.  However, I couldn’t find one for the last day of school, so I created some tags myself.  I have included the printable below so that you can make your own at home too. It’s really simple and will bring a smile to your kids’ faces.

Make your own – Print out the tags by clicking here> OFISHallyred  and OFISHshallyorange




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  1. Is there any way that you can fix the link for the printable “o-fish-ally” tags? I’d really like to use them for the last day of school with my 3rd graders.
    Thanks so much!

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