Easy Father’s Day Gift Idea for Kids from FLOAM!



Here’s a seriously fun to do project with the kids for creating an awesome Father’s Day Gift.  I love it because kids can do-it-themselves and really be proud of the results.  Floam is easy to work with, relatively little mess if you follow the instructions below and the end product really looks COOL! For more project ideas and fun check out FLOAM.com and FLOAM on facebook and twitter.  The brand is engaging and worth a follow.




  • 1.5 liter water bottle*
  • Tape**
  • At least 3 colors of Floam
  • Child safe scissors

* we used a empty plastic container of peanut butter, washed and dried thoroughly.

**we didn’t need tape with the peanut butter container, as we did not need to cut it.


  1. Have an adult cut off the water bottle around 4.5″ from the base.  Discard the top half of the water bottle.  KIDS SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS THEMSELVES.  We had an empty jar of peanut butter and used this instead. It meant not cutting and therefore no need for tape.  If you have one handy, try it instead of the water bottle.
  2. Tape the edges of the plastic water bottle.
  3. Roll out your main color or Floam into a large rectangle large enough to cover the outside of the bottle (or shape that is close enough).
  4. Wrap the Floam around the bottle and pinch the top edge tightly together around the edge of the bottle.
  5. Trim the excess Floam with scissors.
  6. Roll out a thin strip of Floam to cover the top edge to the bottle.
  7. Flatten out more Floam in different colors to add decorations to your pencil cup.  Let your child be creative.
  8. Let dry overnight to harden – and you have an awesome Father’s Day gift!

My son, Mark (youngest of 3) really wanted to make a special gift for my husband.  He loved this idea and had lots of fun making it.  I loved seeing how proud he was with the end result and how excited he is to give it to his Dad.  After we finished the project, we went through some old photos and wrote the note below together.  You can see why he thinks his Dad is #1 !



THE 411 on FLOAM

Basic Tips

  • The main tools are your hands, but here aresome household tools you can use to sculpt Floam: rolling pin, spatula, plastic knife, plastic scissors, cookie cutters, bottle caps, tinfoil, pipe cleaners and much more.
  •  Make shapes with Floam by rolling, coiling, flattening, trimming, twisting, mixing colors, making cutouts or covering.
  • Dry your Floam creations overnight and keep them forever, or re-seal in an airtight container and use again.


Getting Started

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry your hands before starting.
  • Organize your supplies on a clean, dry surface such as a kitchen table, away from carpeting and fabrics.
  • Floam should not stain, but wearing old clothes or an apron is recommended.
  • Take Floam out of the package. Knead, stretch and fold the compound until it is soft, flexible and mixed well. If Floam is slightly dry, add a few drops of warm water to soften.


Cleanup and Product Care

  • Remove from surfaces with warm water and a sponge or cloth.
  • Floam dissolves in water. Clean your clothes by soaking and then washing.
  • Dried Floam can be loosened by applying a wet cloth for several minutes.
  • If you decorate a mug, a dish or any other food item with Floam, DO NOT USE again for food consumption. Use it for decoration only.
  • Remember to reseal your unused Floam in an airtight container to keep it fresh.

This post is in honor of my husband Mark, who is the #1 Dad to us!

Disclosure:  I received a free gift pack of Floam to create this Father’s Day project.  My son has been asking for FLOAM for months now so this was a great way to try out the product.  The opinions are expressly my own.  




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