Be Green Not Mean This Halloween!

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If you are trying to turn Halloween green, it can be pretty scary!  So many of the traditional products and practices are not good for our little people or our planet. Here are a few ways to compromise with kids without taking the fun out of Halloween. Be green not mean! For many more tips and ideas visit Green

What Treats To Eat

Bats and Cats Cookies

1. Dancing Deer has found a way to keep treats delicious and fun and no need to be scared they are all natural and every effort is made to use environmentally friendly packaging. For more>

Spooky S’mores

2. ZBar Organic Bar, This classic campfire snack is proof that Halloween treats don’t have to be bad to be good. For More>

What To Carry

1. Don’t use paper or plastic. This limited edition reusable Green Halloween ChicoBag is eek-o-fabulous. Perfect for trick-or-treaters or for small shopping loads.  For More>

2.The old fashion pillow case is also a great option, get some markers and let kids decorate with their own person style.

How To Decorate

1. Bee-Natural Jack-o-lantern Carved Honeypot Luminary Mini. Image above: For More>

2. Don’t waste electricity! Don’t be tempted to use the giant blow up Halloween figures that grace many a yard on Halloween and the Holidays. It is a real waste of energy.

3. Use the whole pumpkin. If you carve pumpkins for Halloween make sure to try and use all the parts – toast the seeds for a healthy snack and when the holiday has past use your old pumpkin for compost to fertilize your soil. Try to buy organic when possible.

4. Halloween Lights are great, but make sure to use energy efficient, long lasting, LED Lights For more>

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  1. DenzelWS says:

    Hello people, HAPPY HALLOWEN! A little late..

  2. Peter says:

    Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

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