The BEST Valentine’s Day Gift Is Being Loved! – Children’s Memorial Hospital

Four years ago, a little girl named Taylor changed Valentine’s Day forever. Weak from Leukemia, she asked her grandmother a heart breaking question: “Is there anything worse than leukemia?”  Her grandmother reached over and squeezed Taylor’s hand. “How about not feeling loved?

Taylor wanted to do something special for all the kids who’d be spending Valentine’s Day at Children’s Memorial Hospital—to give them something to show them that they are loved. Tragically, Taylor lost her battle but her legacy lives on.

Help continue what Taylor started.  Send your Valentine today, along with a donation to help kids fighting for their lives. Click here to send a Valentine’s Day card to a child and bring a smile to their face.

Send a Valentine’s Card!

Watch them smile on this video. It is incredible what a small gesture can do. Children belong on the playground and it is heartbreaking to see them fight for their lives at a hospital.
Children’s Memorial Hospital is a wonderful organization that puts kids first. They believe that Heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Heroes see a need and take action.  Heroes put others first. Heroes want to make change for the better.

At Children’s Memorial Hospital, heroes come in all shapes and sizes!

Be a hero and send a Valentine’s Card and Happy Valentine’s Day to you!





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