“Y” Not Serve Water At Your Next Party?

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If you are hosting a party with children this season, you are going to be faced with the same old question: What beverages should I serve the kids?

I know the dilemma, it’s a party and kids don’t want to drink water but you just can’t bring yourself to serve unhealthy soft drinks and sugary juices. Plus we all know the result of too much sugar on kids at a party! Ughhh…

Thanks to a great tip from a good friend in LA, I have the answer for you. Y Water!

Y Water Inc., a Los Angeles-based company has come up with a new concept in children’s beverages that is great tasting and nutritious! Plus it turns into a toy and makes for a great activity for the kids at your party.

Too good to be true, read on…

Recently launched Y Water: a low-calorie, low-sugar, vitamin-infused, flavored beverage contains all natural ingredients, is USDA certified organic and contains no preservatives, artificial coloring, or artificial sweeteners. It is available in 4 exotic flavor combinations with fun names like Brain Water, Bone Water, Immune Water and Muscle Water. Each one has a different color bottle and flavor and is designed for a different purpose.

Y Water is packaged in a fun and cool Y-shaped bottle designed by the celebrated Yves Béhar. After kids are done drinking, the bottles become a toy that can be linked with other bottles through biodegradable rubber “Y Knots”. These connectors allow kids to create spaceships, animals, robots, or whatever else a their creative minds can imagine.

Y Water also discourages waste, by making Y Water bottles 100% recyclable. The bottles are environmentally safe and do not leach chemicals. Once finished with the product, parents can log onto www.ywater.us and receive a free mailer to send the bottle back for recycling.

You can order online at www.ywater.us.

2 Responses to “Y” Not Serve Water At Your Next Party?

  1. Patti Davis says:

    Love this idea! So cute.

  2. Hayley says:

    I agree, it doesn’t seem fair to give the kids water whilst you are enjoying a glass of wine.

    I love this idea.

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