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Beer Tasting Paddle – Perfect Gift For Him!

Beer Tasting Paddle - Perfect Gift For Him!

Disclosure: Party Bluprints received compensation for this post. The opinions shared are expressly our own. Guys have it easy on Valentine’s Day, flowers, candy, and jewelry are all great gift ideas and feel just right for her.  But when it comes to him, it can be much harder.  That’s why we had to share a great gift idea for the man in your life.  In fact, if he loves a cold one now and then, […]

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Give A Dad A Cookie For Father’s Day

Give A Dad A Cookie For Father's Day

What happens when you give a Dad a cookie? Well, you make him feel special! Above are some clever cookies inspirations. I like the idea of cookies for Father’s Day because they are simple yet special; and best of all the kids can pitch in and help too.  Bake sugar cookies and then let the kids decorate them for Dad – it’s edible art from the heart!  After a nice BBQ, let Dad enjoy a […]

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Easy Father’s Day Gift Idea for Kids from FLOAM!

    Here’s a seriously fun to do project with the kids for creating an awesome Father’s Day Gift.  I love it because kids can do-it-themselves and really be proud of the results.  Floam is easy to work with, relatively little mess if you follow the instructions below and the end product really looks COOL! For more project ideas and fun check out and FLOAM on facebook and twitter.  The brand is engaging and […]

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Best Present For Father’s Day is R&R!

Dads do so much these days and really deserve a day to be celebrated.  One of the best ways I can think of to give Dad his due, is to pamper him and give him a day of rest and relaxation!  Start off with breakfast in bed, this should not just be reserved for Mother’s Day.  No alarm clock ringing, no train to catch or commuter traffic to fight, no stress.  As an afternoon treat, […]

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The HOT Gift For Father’s Day!

                                      Treat Dad right and stay in the ‘No Tie ZONE’ this Father’s Day with a unique and special gift that he will love! A great way to show your appreciation for Dad is to treat him to a gift that will make him feel like a king and will last for years to come.  Pair a […]

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A Happy Meal for Father’s Day from Bakerella!

Hands down one my favorite sites,, continually blows me away with great ideas.  This one is from last year, but no matter, it’s perfect if you have the time to create a special treat for Dad this Father’s Day.  The formula: Cupcakes + Brownies + Cookies = Father’s Day Happy Meal.  Complete directions for the entire Father’s Day Happy Meal and printable templates (you can download them FREE) for the miniature paper box tray, […]

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Who’s Your Daddy? Father’s Day Gift Ideas (that are not Ties!)

Father’s Day is around the corner and Dad’s these days really deserve a day of celebration and adulation. Every Dad has his own personality and finding the perfect gift for him can be challenging. has come up with a great way to organize their menu of amazing gifts. This year you can search the site by Dad personality and find gifts that match his special lifestyle. Categories include gifts that would appeal to The […]

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