Beer Tasting Paddle – Perfect Gift For Him!


Guys have it easy on Valentine’s Day, flowers, candy, and jewelry are all great gift ideas and feel just right for her.  But when it comes to him, it can be much harder.  That’s why we had to share a great gift idea for the man in your life.  In fact, if he loves a cold one now and then, this will be the gift that keeps giving all year long!

Most people envision Valentine’s Day Dinner as a romantic meal paired with a nice bottle of wine.  But a growing number would prefer their meal with a pilsner or pale ale!  Craft breweries and microbreweries have gained great popularity over the last few years.   In fact, the National Restaurant Association has just identified food and beer pairings as a top trend

TIps and Suggestions for a Food and Beer Pairing Dinner:

  • Pour the brews from light to dark.
  • Pale ale pairs well with the flavors of shrimp and vegetables.
  • Amber ales are the perfect match for cheeseburgers.
  • Brown ale balances the rich taste of grilled ribs or BBQ.
  • Beer and cheese is a great combo.
  • Amber lager or a crisp pilsner tastes great with homemade pizza.
  • Chocolate stout is delicious served with chocolate cake.
  • Guiness takes crème brûlée to a new level.


Gift your guy beer tasting paddles with pub glasses and a special “food and beer” pairing dinner prepared by you and it will be love at first flight!  We love this cool beer tasting sets (picture below) available exclusively from Personal with the option to personalize for just $39.99 each.  They are perfect for the man cave!


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