Best Baby Shower Gift Idea for Under $35!

I love this idea for a Baby Shower Gift.  Not only will it garner the “Aww how cute” shout out at the shower, it’s practical and pulls double duty because it’s a present with a purpose! A portion of the proceeds are passed on to animal rescues.  This super cute stuffed animal holds three soft as silk blankets. Two are soft and colorful flannel while the third is a cozy, polka-dot print throw.  Retails for $34.00 and is available in three colors. You can view this gift and many more at>

Here’s what People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog had to say about Annie Wear baby gifts.

We can’t resist buying our children clothing and accessories with super cute animals on them — but what if those items could actually help a furry friend in need?

That’s the philosophy behind the new family-run website

The company makes and sells it’s own adorable animal-themed children’s clothing and accessories — inspired by the family’s own rescue pup Annie — and donates a portion of proceeds to pets charities.

All of the products have a homespun feel which make them perfect as unique gifts for children or expectant moms (you’ll be a stand-out at any baby shower!).

The onesies and T-shirts, which are graced with a cartoon caricature of the sweet golden retriever, are made with 100 percent ring spun cotton and say things like “My doggie is adopted – Rescue shelters rule!” or “Puppy = Cute, Baby = Cute-squared.”

The site, created by cousins Laurene Parlatore and Pam Pinta of Annapolis, Md., also offers a wide range of hand-selected products that they didn’t make themselves but that mesh with their super-cute agenda: including children’s toys, books, towels, hats and special treats for mom. It’s definitely the place to stock up on necessities for your budding animal-lover!


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