Fun food craft for Spring from Foodstirs


Fun food craft for Spring!

Spring has sprung and it’s time to celebrate.  Today we are happy to share a great way to do just that with a fun food craft your kids will love. The bonus is that you will love it too. It’s a health conscious homemade treat that doesn’t take tons of time to shop for and prepare. If you’re a busy parent like me, finding time to bake with your kids might not be possible on a normal school day or even weekend. That’s where Foodstirs saves the day! The recipes, ingredients and special touches for making a little magic in your kitchen all come from each carefully crafted box.  Sarah Michelle Gellar and her partners Galit Laibow, and Gia Russo have succeeded in creating a great way for kids to share time with loved ones and create delicious desserts.

I love how connected Sarah Michelle is to her brand!


I gave a “Blooming Brownie” foodstirs box to my niece Courtney (a Foodstirs box makes a great gift for kids and Grandparents alike!) She couldn’t wait to get started and decided she would bake and share time with my Mother (Nana) and her sister Mackenzie. They had a great time in the kitchen and created a tasty and festive treat.  Courtney gave her Foodstirs box and experience 2 thumbs up!





 Foodstirs Blooming Brownie Box


  • Bleached flours,
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Artificial colors and flavors
  • GMO’s.


  • Foodstirs Brownie Mix
  • 12 organic lollipops
  • 12 green cupcake liners
  • 12 white cupcake liners


What is your favorite treat to bake with your kids?  Share here so we can try it!

Disclosure: Party Bluprints Inc. received complimentary Foodstirs box.



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