Honey For Your Honey This Valentine’s Day!

Waxing Kara’s Gift Box of Bee Love – My #1 Gift Pick For Valentine’s Day!

Honey is hot and I’m currently obsessed with it.  I think it makes a truly unique and thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day. Think out of the box (the chocolate box) this year and give loved ones, friends and your special honey a gift from the gods.  The liquid gold is not only a delicious natural sweetener for food, teas and cocktails, it also has a host of health benefits.  The list is too long for this post, but some include promoting sleep, suppressing coughs, boosting the immune system, acting as a digestive aid and healing and cleansing skin.

Recently, I came across an amazing site called Waxing Kara.   Kara its namesake, is an artist, bee keeper, curator and creator of natural honey products.  Each artisan product on the site is handcrafted by Kara from the local bounty of the Chesterhaven Beach Farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore or curated especially for the Waxing Kara line.  The products exude an unmistakeable aura of elegance and good karma – simply put, they make you feel good.  The packaging is a treat too. The scent of lavender that comes from the small wooden box and sweet bags that each product is wrapped in, sent me to heaven!  The soap, candle, raw honey and lollipops were treats I found myself savoring.  However, each was too good not to share, so I’m off to purchase more and plan on gifting some to my sisters, husband and some lucky friends this Valentine’s Day!    You can visit Waxing Kara online and on facebook and twitter.

“Bee Inspired Honey Gift Box of Bee Love”

It’s perfect for your honey, close friend or colleague and includes ( pictured above) :

  1. 5 ounce bar of honey lavender soap with pumice
  2. Bag of Honey Lollipops
  3. 8 ounce Eastern Shore Clover or Wildflower or Dutch Clover Honey with tube (based on availability)
  4. Beeswax Candle

All packaged in a beautiful, keepsake Waxing Kara wooden box, made by hand.



About Waxing Kara

“I’ve been in awe of nature my whole life and like most creatures, I’ve evolved and morphed many times. Today I am an artist, a beekeeper and a storyteller. My stories can be found at karabrookart.com/blog.”





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  1. So exciting to see this! Not only does it look nice.. but everything tastes WONDERFUL too! I am addicted to the Honey Lollipops! A different way to sweeten your tea on COLD days like today! BEE INSPIRED!

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