Mattel and You Fuel The World’s Largest Digital Toy Drive with GoodXChange #ECDToyDrive


Sharing is caring this holiday with Mattel and the #ECDToyDrive 1 Share = 1 Fisher Price Early Childhood Development Toy!

Together this holiday we can make a difference in the lives of children in need! Mattel and its flagship Fisher-Price brand are sponsoring the World’s Largest Digital Toy Drive, and inviting you to be a part of it! The #ECDToyDrive is designed to raise awareness about the vital importance of Early Childhood Development through play. Share Now here>

Nicole Feliciano of and Ted Rubin of break it down in this informative video.

Share the video with a click above on Facebook with #ECDToyDrive and Mattel with donate a Fisher Price Toy to a child in need!

Too many kids do not have the opportunity to experience the gift of toys that help them learn. Help change that! With your help, GoodXChange can reach the goal of delivering 50,000 toys to kids in this holiday season.  It’s easy to do and the impact can change a kid’s life. Toys will be donated to and distributed by Save The Children, World Orphanage Foundation and the Special Olympics.
Fisher Price surveyed 3,500 prenatal and post-natal mom in seven countries what matters most in giving their children the best possible start. The results revealed that no matter where moms are raising their children, parents have more in common than we think … especially when they’re welcoming a new life. Below are highlights of what they had to say –  for the full survey results GO>
  • Happiness is the #1 quality moms want for their children. Over 50% of moms strongly agreed babies who are content are more able to explore and learn about the world.
  • Kindness is one of the most important qualities moms want their child to develop in life. Balancing the importance of intellectual intelligence, moms appear to place great value on raising a socially well-adjusted child, with respect, politeness and honesty ranking among the most desired qualities.
  • When asked about the Playtime – Moms said playtime is a great time to learn. 62% of moms strongly agreed that play helps children learn to interact with others, and 56% that play helps them learn how the world works.
  • When asked about the Future – 77% of moms think their baby will have much better opportunities to fulfill their potential compared to the opportunities they had. Access to a good education is the leading reason why moms surveyed are so optimistic about their child’s bright future.
  • When asked about Development – 59% of moms agreed development starts at birth. A full 65% strongly agreed every baby grows and develops at their own pace, and 61% believe they play a strong role in preparing their child for school.


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