Plan To Party – The Official Release!

As of today, October 1st, PLAN TO PARTY is available immediately  at, available at your local Barnes and Noble book stores and everywhere books are sold.

PLAN TO PARTY is our first book and we are so excited!  If you like what we share here on the blog you will love the book! It approaches entertaining from your perspective as the host and gives you all the tips and tools you need to throw the party of your dreams!  PLAN TO PARTY also makes a great gift for the Holidays at only $19.99!

  • Infuse your life with fun!
  • Take the mystery out of party planning.
  • Host a successful party with confidence and ease.
  • Learn how to be a guest at your own party and enjoy it.
  • Enrich your life by spending more time with friends and family in your home.


From top left:  Elizabeth, Celebrity Chef Marc Murphy with PLAN TO PARTY, Martha Stewart (we will be on Martha Stewart Living Radio October 14th please tune in),   The Talented and Terrific, Steve Schirripa,  Fellow Blogger, Meredith Sinclair with PLAN TO PARTY and NYC “Beyond The Dish” TV Show Host Steven Fried.

40 Million Media Impressions to Launch Party Planning Book Today

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – October 1, 2010) –  The founders of party planning blog,, are releasing their new book, Plan to Party, today, from Yorkshire Publishing, everywhere books are sold. Review copies, articles, and interviews available upon request.

Finally, a book puts the power of practical, tried and true, advice and practices in the palm of the reader’s hand in the form of a Plan to Party. This step-by-step approach to entertaining removes the mystique and fear by boiling down the fundamentals of entertaining into a straightforward, easy-to-execute plan, empowering the reader to host a party that will stand out from the pack this Holiday season.

The authors have been featured on: CBS,,,, Chicago Tribune,, and AM New York.

“We are thrilled to bring our revolutionary approach to entertaining to a broader audience.” — Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno

Chock full of detailed, useful DIY information, this 280-page full color tome is sure to be a staple in everyone’s home from the soon-to-be bride to the experience host. Designed to make hosting parties less stressful, easier, and more enjoyable, this book delivers a feast for the reader’s eyes and table.

Some potential interview or article ideas the authors can provide are:

1.  Removing Common Barriers to Entertaining
2.  DIY Party Planning with Quality
3.  Defining Your Entertaining Style
4.  Party Related Time, Money, and Stress Management
5.  Creating High Impact Party Looks for Less
6.  Party Planning with Fresh Natural Foods

With all the information and inspiration at the reader’s fingertips, they’ll feel like they just got the inside scoop from their best girlfriend who hosts the best parties. Understanding how to build a strong foundation provides the reader freedom to entertain how they want and when they want. They can follow one of the four included comprehensive Party Plans or draft their own.

The authors, Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno, are the founders of Party Bluprints Inc. and the wildly successful party planning blog, Their blog is a wealth of information for hosts new to the themed party scene, as well as those who have been hosting parties for years. The blog and book reflect years of research, knowledge, and feedback on parties that will not only wow your guests but avoid breaking even the most modest budget.

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  2. I have preordered your book on Amizon and can not wait for it to come. It will have so much information right at my finger tips and I “Plan to Party” !! Love the photos.

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