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Elizabeth’s picks

Disclosure: Party Bluprints Inc. has partnered with Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry to share our story with you as part of the #BRIDEnBEYOND conversation.  All opinions are expressly our own

 “Jewelry is a tangible manifestation of love and an emotional purchase”, says Jeff Yoder, a 38-year veteran consultant and District Manager for Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry.

We couldn’t agree more, and for those reasons finding a trusted resource for buying diamond jewelry is paramount.  Whether it be an engagement ring symbolizing new love or an anniversary ring in honor of the “happily ever after”, diamonds are a significant purchase and investment. After visiting our local store and learning all about the amazing services and incredible staff at Jared, we wanted to share our experience with you here.

As Elizabeth and I are in the “happily ever after” phase of our marriages, we were the perfect pair to explore the store and ring options Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry  offers its guests. As you can see from the pictures and our diamond covered fingers, we had a blast shopping for rings {we looked like kids in a candy store}! But, could you blame us after seeing the variety of styles, one more beautiful than the next adorning our fingers?

If you would “Redo the I Do” with your current spouse, then why not commemorate that sentiment with a ring? BTW, just because we refer to this type of ring as “anniversary” doesn’t mean it has to be an anniversary – any time of year is the right time to say “I’d marry you all over again”!


Dawn’s picks

Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry has a philosophy that everyone who enters their doors is a guest. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that shopping at Jared® is a personal experience hosted by a trained DCA certified consultant and designed to make the guest feel welcome and special. Jared® has more Certified Diamondologists than any other store. Our impressive experience was hosted by Christina Maya Major and Jeff Yoder.

  • Christina Maya Major – General Manager and Certified Diamondologist. Chrisitina, a bride-to-be, is not only extremely knowledgeable, but one of the most passionate people I have ever met about finding the right ring for every bride.
  • Jeff Yoder – District Manager  and wingman for his male clients, Jeff jokes he is the key person clients call on when they are in love or in trouble. Proud of the trusted relationships he has developed over the years, Jeff shared stories of guests he helped select engagement rings whose children came to him when it was time for them to pick a ring. He has been invited to their weddings and helped arrange in-store proposals. For Jeff and all the Jared consultants, relationships are respected, valued and they know that trust is earned over the years.



  1.  Why is Jared® a Galleria? It’s home to a glass covered gallery of diamonds! If you look up the word galleria in the dictionary, you’ll discover it means a roofed and usually glass-enclosed promenade or court.  As you walk through any of the 220 Jared® locations you will immediately notice the size of the store (5 times that of others) and the gorgeous glass display cases housing 5 times the selection of other jewelers.  For this reason Jared® earns the right to use the name Galleria.
  2. Although Jared® has 220 locations in the US, you still receive a personalized experience.  Associates are trained to make this a top priority, and they value relationship over the sale!
  3. Jared® is for brides past, present and future!  You can buy a new preset ring, design the ring of your dreams, or restore and reset the ring that you started off with as a couple.
  4. Jared® has spa services for your ring : Free Cleaning / Inspections
  5. Jared® has in-house financing with many options available and an 85% approval rate!
  6. Jared® has a Children’s Play Center, so you can shop as a couple without distraction.
  7. Jared® offers a Jewelry Box Consultation.  An associate will help you decide to restore, reset or trade-in pieces you currently own.
  8. Jared® offers a Gold Exchange  and Diamond Trade-In to help you purchase a new diamond of your dreams!
  9. Jared® offers the Bridal Value Vow with a Lifetime Guarantee on their diamond rings!
  10. Jared® owns a virtual vault offering a selection of tens of thousands of diamonds! The large inventory of diamonds allows Jared® to offer Single Point Pricing which means no markups or markdowns and always the best value for the diamond you want!

jared design and repair center

As a guest, your ring is treated with special care and placed in this display box (shown below) as it moves with you around the store.  Each location has its own Design and Repair Center with trained professionals so it never leaves the Jared® store location for cleaning, repair, or resetting.  Consultations are private and take place in a studio-like office, to ensure you get personal one-on-one attention!  For those designing their dream ring, Jared® has created a process whereby they create a mold you can see and try on before you approve the final creation.


Visit Jared® The Galleria Of Jewelry online and connect on Facebook and Twitter too!

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