How To Stay Connected On Campus With APC Mobile Power Pack #HolidayPower


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allypostWe are so happy to share this guest post from our resident college expert, Alexandra Mascali.  Ally is a familiar face here on the blog. She has shared many of her special recipes, DIY decor ideas and her beautiful photography.   Today she gives us her take on the APC Mobile Power Pack.  After reading her post below, I will be gifting it to my son, who is headed off to school next year.

 Please enjoy Ally’s images and post . . . 

Have you found yourself in the middle of a riveting conversation on your phone, taking pictures at a sport event, or catching up on all of your favorite social media apps and your phone dies and you don’t have your charger? For the average college student, this happens too often. When I leave my dorm room I always forget my charger and my phone dies early on in the day. This leaves me without a way to communicate with my friends, give myself a study break by catching up online, or to access information I need while studying. A phone is a necessary means of communication for college students, whether it is trying to plan with friends where to meet up for dinner, writing emails to professors, or trying to meet up with friends while out at night.

I recently had the chance to try out the APC by Schneider Electric Mobile Power Pack. The way this mobile battery backup works is that you charge it in the wall (just like your phone/ipad); when it’s charged (all four lights are lit), pack it up and go. When you need to recharge, plug your USB cord into one end of the mobile charger and the other into your phone. Once you recharge (it doesn’t take long), stow your mobile battery backup – it’s good for another full charge. It fits perfectly in a purse, backpack, or in a cup holder of a car. Finally, I can stay on campus all day without needing a phone charger and electrical outlet and be confident that I will always be connected and not miss out anything! Here’s the inside scoop on how I found this mobile battery pack to be an essential device for college living.

Tailgates and sports games are huge during the weekends at college. Students spend all day out and have no access to an outlet to charge their phone when it dies. This portable charger is perfect for game days so every moment can be captured on camera and students will always be able to find their friends in the stadium!


It is also a lifesaver when it is time to go out and socialize at night. I always find my phone dying early on in the evening and that makes it extremely difficult to find friends or a ride home. The portable charger fits perfectly in my clutch, allowing me to charge my phone so I can stay connected throughout the entire night.


Lastly, and most importantly, it is perfect for the library! As much as it may seem otherwise, we spend a lot of time in the library. I always use my phone in the library to do work when I don’t bring my computer with me. But email, the calculator, and the occasional text or Facebook check can kill the battery. That’s why it’s necessary to have a backup battery source because it is so hard to remember to pack a charger everyday and even if I happen to have a charger, my study spot isn’t conveniently located near an outlet.


The APC Mobile Power Pack is constantly saving me from being separated from friends or unable to do work. Now that I’ve had a chance to use it, I couldn’t live without this device that keeps me connected whether on campus, on a geology field trip, road tripping home in my car, or traveling. So when you’re wondering what the perfect gift is to get your college student this holiday season, give the gift of staying connected and make sure they are never without a charged phone!  The APC Mobile Power Pack is a great gift {and it’s under $50, plus free shipping}, so it is also perfect for the college student to gift to family members.

A few facts about the APC by Schneider Electric Mobile Battery Pack:

  • Efficient charging: Extends the Mobile Power Pack’s battery life by automatically shutting down when the connected devices have completely charged.
  • LED battery charge indicator: Push-button activated LED display provides battery charge status.
  • Mobile device compatibility: Mobile power packs recharge all devices that connect to power using a USB cable, including your mobile phone, tablet, audio player, handheld gaming console, and e-reader.


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