Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas!


Hosting Thanksgiving takes lots of love and work.  If you’re the guest this year make sure to show your attitude of gratitude!

The most important thing you can do as a guest to show your gratitude is to be fully present and take time to enjoy and appreciate the gifts your host(ess) has bestowed on you.  Make note of her/his special touches and send a personal note of thanks after the party.

You can also express your gratitude to your host by selecting a special token of appreciation. Send flowers the day before Thanksgiving (I love these from>) . In the midst of preparations for the big day, it’s a treat to receive a beautiful arrangement that says, “We’re excited and grateful to be with you tomorrow.” You can also call ahead to say thank you in advance and that you’ll bring dessert for the kids.  Better yet, have dessert sent directly to the host so they can plate it in advance of guests’ arrival—one less thing to deal with that day.  The Thanksgiving Cookie Flavor Sampler from Cheryl and Co.’s is wonderful and I highly recommend the cookies.

If you’re looking for a meaningful keepsake, consider gifting a special and unique treasure to your host. has a wishbone charms that are reminiscent of Thanksgiving.  These are a unique and special way to give thanks to your hostess.  Or add to the fun of the day by bringing the Thanksgiving Box of Questions from The Box Girls.  It’s lots of laughs and also makes a great hostess gift.

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