The Gift Of ‘The God Box’ – The Little Box That Is Becoming a Global Story!

The God Box is a powerful story of a Mother and her loving relationship with her family and intimate relationship with God, as shared by her daughter, Mary Lou Quinlan. It’s a beautiful gift for this Mother’s Day!

“When Mary Lou Quinlan started to write The God Box, she hoped to share the remarkable discovery of her mother’s God Boxes filled with wishes and worries. But the more Mary Lou searched the little handwritten notes, the more she realized that, even after death, her mother kept teaching and reaching out. Enjoy this book about growing up as a devoted daughter and her mother’s best friend. See how to create a legacy of love for your own family. Feel the heartache and the uplift of learning to let go.” –

What I find so incredible about this book is that, it is so much more.  It has inspired so many to share their own God Box stories and many more to begin creating them.  It reveals a powerful, yet unconventional relationship with God – prayers in the form of letters, left behind to tell a story and teach important lessons:  Prayer in all forms is powerful!

The God Box Project: how a little box becomes a global story

The story holds many lessons for all of us and Mary Lou Quinlan has not only shared it with us in the form of a book, but has also brought it to life in with the help of the God Box Team.  This dynamic team, spans the globe! Team God Box is a diverse and far-flung group of talented individuals who have united to create the God Box project. From New York City to San Francisco to Bali, Indonesia (and beyond), all have an unique personal or emotional connections to Mary Lou’s story. They have all helped her bring The God Box to life on the printed page, the stage, the Web, the social sphere and more…  The God Box Project .   You can learn more by visiting here>

The God Box is available to order at… AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE , and 800CEOREAD


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