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Treat Dad right and stay in the ‘No Tie ZONE’ this Father’s Day with a unique and special gift that he will love! A great way to show your appreciation for Dad is to treat him to a gift that will make him feel like a king and will last for years to come.  Pair a very special bottle of Whiskey with his own personal tasting glasses. You will amp up Dad’s down time and bring the man cave to a new level by allowing him to pour and enjoy with the perfect bar ware.  Whiskey tastings are very popular right now and the trend is exploding into food pairings too, so this makes a hot gift for a cool Dad!

We test drove the gorgeous glasses, pictured below, from Villeroy & Boch with our husbands (we all enjoy scotch whiskey).  These Lowlands Whisky Tumblers got 4 thumbs up, because they not only looked great and were masculine, but they still felt great in our hands. We love the look at the bar and on the table because the design is classic and will suit any style or decor.    They are quality glasses but not fussy –  handmade in Slovenia of crystal glass and dishwasher safe,  love that!

You can order yours HERE>
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GIVEAWAY CLOSED: WINNER is Scott Kapich –  Congratulations!!!

Leave a comment below about a deserving Dad and be entered to WIN a pair of LOWLANDS WHISKY TUMBLERS of your own! You can enter over at Skimbaco Lifestyle too!

The giveaway is open to all US Citizens over 18 years old.  Deadline June 8th 12 PM EST.

Some Whiskey Facts:

  • Whiskey spelled with an “e” is usually whiskey made from the America or Ireland. Some distilleries in these regions will
    occasionally spell their whiskey without an “e” (i.e. Maker’s Mark whisky, George Dickel Tennessee Whisky). Whisky
    spelled with no “e” is usually whisky made from Scotland or Canada.
  • When first trying scotch do not pour it over ice it, try it neat.
  • Setting up your own whiskey tasting GO>
  • Whiskey is not just for the boys! Check out our post back in February 2009 where we started to spot the trend for whiskey tasting for women too! Go>
  • You can learn lots more at >

Remember to always drink responsible and assign a designated driver.

27 Responses to The HOT Gift For Father’s Day!

  1. I would like to nominate my father for the most remarkable one anyone could ever request.
    He is kind, wise, giving, asks nothing for himself, places his family above all.
    Having recently lost his wife of 56 years, I would like to strengthen and praise this special man.

  2. My husband is definetly very deserving of these as a wonderful gift for Father’s Day…his birthday is this week too….June 10! He’s a great Dad & I could not ask for a better husband!

    These glasses are so classy! We are redecorating our kitchen & dining room & these would be wonderful for our bar!!

    tlcrum06 at att dot net

  3. We don’t really drink. But I was thinking I could find plenty of other ‘dad-like’ figures in my life who WOULD like these! 🙂

  4. My dad deserves these! A few years ago my parents lost their home in the SD fires and their home has finally been rebuilt. My dad owns his own business which means long hours and little time at home. He deserves a nice drink in some nice glasses!

  5. Love these. Hubby is a scotch the point, on my last birthday, a friend tried to turn him into a single malt distillery. If I’m drinking it with him? Neat, sometimes a little water, always a cigar with Frank in the background.

  6. My dad loves his Scotch and Bourbon neat and I know he would flip for these awesome glasses.
    Thanks for the chance!

  7. Thanks for the info! My charming SIL is just starting his bar collection and these would be a nice addition!

  8. My father is the person I look up to the most in my life. He as always treated me with love and respect and instilled upon me a strong work ethic. He also taught me that I had to work to get the things that I like and not to feel a sense of entitlement, I think more kids these days need to learn the values that my father tought me. I would love to give these glasses to him. He would appreciate them for their simple, classic design.

    baazinga9 at yahoo dot com

  9. The tumblers are beautiful Dawn, and I love your information on whiskey-I did not know whiskey spelled with an E is usually American! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. My husband would love the Longdrink Tumblers and he is definitely a deserving Dad!!

  11. I’m a full-time single dad of twins in elementary school. Just being able to spend so much time with them is an awesome gift of itself but when it comes to things like Father’s Day I’m still left to my own devices to buy myself a gift. These would be an awesome addition to my bar cabinet and the bottle looks awesome too.

  12. I’m a full-time single father of twins. Being able to spend so much time with them as they grow into little people is a great gift in itself. When it comes to Father’s Day though I’m still left to my own devices to buy myself a gift. These would be a great addition to my bar cabinet. The bottle looks awesome too.

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  13. My husband came into an already made family. He took on two teenage girls and a five year old boy. Any man has an adjustment accepting and being accepted into any family, but teenagers put things into a whole new world lol. He not only feel in love with me, but also my children. He has never once made them feel like they were not his own and has treated them as such. The love and respect they show for each other is AMAZING! Not only has he became a better man, but we have became a better family! I would love to give him something special and something different then the norm. Thanks

  14. My husband is a great father who works hard for our family and has come along was as a father. He has worked out to be a more involved father than his own.

  15. I would enjoy these to add to my collection! I think I’m a pretty good Dad, so therefore deserving.

  16. My husband has 2 girls and is a wonderful father – he would love these in his man cave!

  17. My husband and I just bought a new house with a bar and he would love these. He’s a great Dad and a hard worker. He loves to have a glass of scotch whenever he can.

  18. my husband is a wonderful deserving dad!!! we just finished paying and having my oldest daughters wedding and he was so good, not complaining about money, making sure she got everything she wanted! he was great, and it turned out beautifully!!! steph at

  19. My husband has a newfound love for Scotch Whiskey but is always stuck drinking out of our ikea glasses. I know he’d LOVE these!

  20. I’m a deserving dad. I am the token male in my house. I have to put up with 3 beautiful women. I cook, remove the creepy crawlies, do the yard work pick up after the dog and reach things that are on high shelves. I am also the sole bread winner of the house. I take care of everyone when they are sick, when I am sick, I am left to suffer with my “Man Cold” as my wife puts it. I love my family truly. I need a drink just writing this. Lol

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