Unique Hostess Gifts With Southern Charm

vivian howard

Our pick for a thoughtful Hostess Gift this season.

When it’s your turn to be the guest, the most important thing you can do to express gratitude to your host, is to be fully present and take time to enjoy and appreciate the gifts they have bestowed upon you.  Make note of your hosts special touches and send a personal note of thanks after the party.

You can also show your gratitude by selecting a special token of appreciation.  It’s not always easy to find the right thing, and that’s why we’re always on the lookout for new and unique hostess gift ideas.  Today, one came across my desk from Vivian Howard for Southern Season, and I wanted to share it with you. In case you don’t know, Vivian Howard is the host and star chef of the Peabody Award-winning show, A Chef’s Life .  She has partnered with Southern Season to curate gift collections that make perfect hostess, birthday and holiday gifts for foodies.  The collections are packaged in charming wooden crates, and each product is carefully chosen by Vivian to reflect her dedication to the spirit of modern Southern cooking.

Our favorite is the Hostess Gift collection.  It’s a perfect holiday gift for foodies and people that love to entertain.  It comes in the signature crate and contains: Old School Brand Red Velvet Cake Mix, Charles Viancin 6” Lily Pad Lid, Toasted Corn Dark Chocolate Bar, Sydney Hale Tobacco & Sandalwood Soy Candle, Cocina Selecta Sweety Drops, The Carpenter Shop 10″ Tapered Spoon, Country Cottons White Dishcloths and Purple Moleskin Notebook – price: $129.99  Vivian Howard: The Perfect Hostess Gift view here>


“I fancy myself a practical woman. I appreciate things like smelly candles and fancy condiments but have a hard time buying them for good ole me. So when I curated what I think is the perfect hostess gift, I strolled through Southern Season, throwing things into my basket I’d love to have but probably never would…unless a gracious guest came over to my house and offered me a basket of the most thoughtful, fun stuff one could imagine!” – Vivian Howard

Be sure to check out Vivian Howard’s other exclusive gift collections . . .




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