6 Super Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

This Valentine’s Day think out of the box (the chocolate box that is) and show just how special your love is with a unique gift idea for her or him.

3 tips for thinking out of the box with your Valentine’s Day gift:

  • Start thinking about a gift early and you won’t be caught buying a last minute one.  Supermarket flowers or chocolates won’t win you extra kisses!
  • Remember that you don’t always have to buy a gift – mix and match buy and DIY ideas. It shows that you put time and thought into your gift.  These earn extra kisses!
  • Food is the way to a man’s heart” and a woman’s– this is true!

Here are some of my favorite ideas for out of the box chocolate gifts:

1. Make dinner for him. Put a chocolate twist on chili – a traditional dude food. Chili with Chipotle and Chocolate from myrecipes.com

2. Gift him these cool Godiva Chocolate Cigars and light a fire!

3. Pair chocolate with bacon, it’s outrageous! Bake him a chocolate and bacon cake recipe.

4. I love this idea!  Hot chocolate on a stick. It’s perfect for stirring up some love.  Invite her to take a time-out by the fire, listen to music while you sip on some hot chocolate.

5.  Fondue is fun and a really romantic way to eat. Create a chocolate fondue dessert bar for her. These Chocolate Fondue Pots make it so easy, just pop them in the microwave! You can also purchase a Chocolate Fondue kit.

6.  Show your sweetie pie you love her – Whoopie Pies are all the rage right now and these pretty heart shaped ones make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.




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