6 Simply Awesome DIY Graduation Party Ideas!


If you’re celebrating a scholar in your family this year, we have 6 really smart ideas for you!

Celebrate those grads and all the hard work and dedication they have put into their studies.  These simple and special party ideas are a great way to say cheers to a bright future!



1. Graduation Cap S’more Cupcakes GO>  Surprise your graduate and guests with this smart dessert idea!  Add some fun sweets to your graduation celebration with these simple and special graduation cap inspired cupcakes. They’ll be the hit of your party and they are so easy to make. Simply turn your cupcakes on their heads and dress them up for graduation day with a mortarboard.


2. Easy DIY graduation party keepsake GO>  Create an interactive “Keys to Success” station that guests can visit throughout the party to write an inspirational message to the graduate.  Let everyone from Grandma to Uncle Joe share a pearl of wisdom and express their love for the graduate.  Then deposit these notes the “Keys to Success” jar as a special keepsake of the party.

3. Graduation Goldfish Snack Idea GO>  Try this fun idea for celebrating a Pre-K, Kindergarten or an elementary school graduation.  It’s also a great way to say “Good Job” to children who successfully completed another school year and will graduate to the next grade!  Use our FREE printable tags to make it easy!


4. Graduation Scroll Snacks GO>  Use these sweet snacks as a special treat that doubles as décor for your party.  Simply create a display to pay tribute to the graduate’s newly earned diploma with 2 items you can pick up at your local market.  Follow the directions below and then stack scrolls on a platter and feature alongside classic books.

5. Create a Graduation party photo booth in a snap GO>  Hang picture frames on clear wire indoors or out to create a cool photo booth that will capture the memories from this special celebration.

6. Create a “Memory Lane” at your graduation celebration to pay tribute to your graduate GO>  Guests will enjoy this stroll down Memory Lane while mingling at the party. This personalized DIY decor serves as a fun focal point and conversation starter for your party. Post-party, slip the pages into a scrapbook for a keepsake gift.




The Cake Pops pictured here were purchased from Katie Straub – Cake Pops by Katie

Bright Idea:  Fly your Graduate’s School Colors  – Add some fun and festivity to your graduation party with baked goods/candy decorated in the graduate’s school colors. Display them on your dessert table or station them near the door as a favor for departing guests.

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