How To Host An Oscar Viewing Party

Oscar is coming!

On Sunday, February 24th, Hollywood rolls out the red carpet for the little gold man and all the big stars in town. Join in on Hollywood’s celebration and host a Red Carpet Viewing Party in your home. Simply follow our tips for creating your own event that’s sure to be the hottest ticket in your town. It’s easy, all you need is a comfortable viewing area and our party plan – the entertainment is free!

We have put together tips and recipes for the coolest cocktail and star-studded bites to make your party guests feel like stars for the night, plus activity ideas for your party.

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  1. You guys, this was awesome!! I’m just going back now and looking again at all of the Oscar Viewing Parties and you made it so step-by-step for these folks!! Great stuff here!

  2. […] hosted an Oscar party before, it was great to have some help from Party Blueprints Blog and their How to Host an Oscar Viewing Party blueprint. There were some great recipes and activities included to get the party started without a […]

  3. I’m drooling over those red velvet cupcakes. I nearly didn’t get through the post because of that.

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