A Party For Two – Seductive Table, Tips and Recipes with Moll Anderson!


We are appropriately launching our newest digital publication today, February 1st.  February is the month of love and romance, and is the perfect time to celebrate the “two of you”!

When was the last time you got away alone as a couple?  I won’t answer, because it’s been way to long.  However, sometimes that’s the problem, we forget that we can get away together right in our own home, by creating a time, place and way to share.  Moll Anderson, in her latest book, Seductive Tables For Two, gives us a road map to rediscovering each other and romance at the table.  Sounds simple, right? It is and she shows us how to make it special!

After reading Seductive Tables For Two, we had to create our own ‘Party For Two’ .  This Party Bluprint is our take on planning a romantic evening at a table for two in your own home.

We used Moll Anderson’s Seductive Tables For Two as our inspiration and guide to getting it right. This beautiful book walks you through the decadent details for Moll’s five tabletop must-haves: Color, Fabric, Flowers, Lighting and Music. Plus, Moll takes you beyond the table and into the kitchen with some delicious and tempting recipes for two. Once you have read through its pages, you will realize that Seductive Tables For Two is meant to inspire romance in your life and help keep it burning strong all year long.

So follow us along on our journey with Moll and see how we transformed her tips and ideas (using mostly items from our home) into a romantic rendezvous right under our own roof. Once you have created your table for two, it’s easy to make a monthly reservation to celebrate each other!

Click to view the ‘Party For Two’ Party Bluprint

Things get even more exciting because we are giving away a copy of Seductive Tables For Two right here.  Leave a comment below with your favorite romantic memory and you’ll be entered for a chance to WIN!  The winner will be selected randomly from all the entries and will be announced here on February 11th.  You can enter as many times as you like.

Catherine is our random winner!

PLUS: Save The Date for the #SeductivesTables twitter party with Moll LIVE and prizes on February 12th at 1pm ET

Moll Anderson is incredible, and so is her spirit and passion for bringing romance and love back to your life!   You will love connecting with her on facebook, twitter and pinterest!


18 Responses to A Party For Two – Seductive Table, Tips and Recipes with Moll Anderson!

  1. It’s hard to pick a favorite romantic memory. I think one would have to be sitting around the campfire at the cabin after the kids have gone to bed. The starry sky and quiet are perfect.

  2. Wow your ideas are gorgeous and look amazing.
    My favorite romantic memory was at our wedding during our first dance. Neither of us are good dancers so we took lessons to try and not make a fool of ourselves. Despite the lessons my husband stepped on my feet and our dj messed up the song and in our heads we looked absolutely ridiculous but despite all that my husband kept dancing with me and we made the moment ours. To me it was romantic and sweet and something I will never forget.

  3. Beautiful post and love the magazine. The colors and recipes are amazing. Moll is such an inspiration come over and see my interview with her and my magazine!!! XOXOX

  4. Can I share another one?? 😉 I remember the first time my boyfriend introduced me to his family…he was so sweet and reassuring about it, and I fell in love with them instantly! 🙂

  5. A romantic memory of mine is when my boyfriend and I went to Grand Rapids, MI with no plans…just a whole day to wander around and have some fun. We ended going from the ghetto to downtown and made about 20 friends as we went…it is one of my fondest memories of the two of us because we discovered that we don’t really need plans, activities, or money to have a BLAST.

  6. My favorite romantic memory…..honeymoon in Jamaica…sitting in lounge chairs on the beach, afternoon naps, and walks on the moonlit beach at night seeing manta rays.

  7. Janelle – thanks for your kind words. I love the idea of enjoying the cocktail with the hubby before the crowd comes tomorrow!

  8. A favorite romantic memory of mine was being in Venice, Italy with my husband, enjoying a gondola ride along the canals, gondolier serenading us, and a kiss under the Bridge of Sighs. Sighhhhhhh…. Just like in the movies!! Truly a dream come true <3

  9. What a coincidence Dawn – I ‘discovered’ Moll Anderson just last week, so I was excited to see your interpretation of her romantic ideas, and it’s beautiful!! Your roses & tulips combo along with the candlestick is genius and the pomosa cocktail looks awesome! Plus, I’m partial to turquoise, so I loved the whole color palette.

    I read on Moll’s blog that she had a public appearance in Scottsdale last week, and I was wishing I had been there visiting my daughter in Phoenix (how convenient!) I would love to have met Moll and been able to get a signed book!

    I’m thinking about trying out the pomosa tomorrow morning for a romantic little breakfast with the hubs, long before the crowd arrives for Super Bowl. How appropriate that it’s red…9er’s color!! 😉

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