10 Tips For A Last Minute Holiday Party – via #HamBeach Twitter Party!

If you missed our Twitter party last night, here are some tips I shared with the party-goers.  Katja Presnal of the amazing company and blog: Skimbaco Lifestyle gave away 10 Hamilton Beach Blenders and the conversation was BUZZING!  Thanks to all that came and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Here are the tips TWEET STYLE:

TIP #1: Skip the ‘open house’ and host friends for Christmas Cocktails (2hrs).  It’s a more manageable way to share holiday cheer!

TIP #2 Serve Cool Cocktails! Frozen drinks are festive and my fave is the Sgropini recipe:  http://ow.ly/3t4rH

TIP #3 For those last minute parties keep non-perishable items on hand like: Nuts, Bread sticks, Cheese, Olives

TIP #4 Make and freeze casseroles – they’re perfect for pop-up parties when you want to invite the gang back to your house.

TIP #5 Soup will satisfy a last minute crowd for dinner with less stress on you and your wallet!  Use a blender for creamy soup.

TIP #6 Be sure your music system is working properly and have a great music mix ready for a last minute party!

TIP #7 Create a party mood in minutes – Dim the lights and light the candles! Always keep a box of votive candles on hand.

TIP #8 Pull off a last minute party by thinking out of the box. Try a Pancake Party, most people are free for breakfast!

TIP #9 The 8 speed, easy pour Hamilton Blender @Walmart makes mixing a breeze! Plus 3 secrets 4 the BEST Frozen Drinks: http://ow.ly/3t86L

TIP #10 Last minute or not, this year ‘Live Life To The Fullest’ & ‘Plan To Party’ with SkimbacoLifestyle and ThePartybluprintsBlog!

and be sure to …

Check out these last minute party ideas from @thehiphostess –-> http://ow.ly/3tsIm

Check out these amazing Cocktail Recipes from @JeanneBenedit on the @TodayShow–> http://ow.ly/3tsg8

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  1. Great tips. Im having a huge party tomorrow and will now add carrot soup to the recipe. Thanks for helping me with my Oprah Martini campaign. Ill tweet and post to FB your new book now.

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