5 Tips For Green Entertaining- Earth Day Ideas

In honor of the upcoming Earth Day celebration, here are Partybluprints’ Top 5 “Respect our Earth” Entertaining Tips

FIVE for keeping the planet ALIVE when you party!

1. Bring the party and your people into your home and condense your carbon footprints. Forgo gassing up the plane, train or automobile and create a festive environment in your home. If you want to go the distance, host a destination party and invite friends who live within walking distance. For inspiration, check out this idea from our blog: Key West Staycation Party>

2. Grow your own herb garden. Plant herbs, such as basil, mint, parsley, thyme, rosemary, cilantro and you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice to spice up any cocktail, dish or dessert. Fresh herbs have the power to transform simple meat, fish, pasta, produce, (whatever you have on hand) into a fabulously fresh dish. Become a liquovore (this Partybluprints’ term brings the locavore into the world of cocktail mixing!) by mixing your own or local fresh herbs and citrus/produce with a clean spirit (don’t use infused spirits). Start simple with a fresh mojito or mint julep. Whatever you do, keep it simple and let the freshness and goodness speak for itself.

3. Use fresh produce or flowering plants as your centerpiece(s). A day or two after your party, use the fresh produce. Plant the flowering plants in your garden/container garden or send home with your guests to plant in their garden as a remembrance of “good times”.

4. Pull out your China and use it!  That’s why you have it, right?  For outside entertaining, purchase melamine plates ( see our picks>) that you can reuse party after party, instead of buying paper plates from the local party store or supermarket. You’ll recoup your initial investment (I bought mine for $0.99/plate a few years ago) after a few parties and you’ll avoid dumping a boatload of paper plates into the garbage. If you’re worried about clean up, don’t be. Scrape the plates, stack them and worry about them later if you can’t fit them in your dishwasher. If you want a happy medium especially for the summer, consider Bambu renewable plates.

5. Go green with electronic invitations, save paper and all the energy that’s involved in getting mail from one place to the next. Also, avoid wasting fuel, time and energy “foraging” for your party materials and supplies. Make a comprehensive and consolidated supply list for your party and make 1 shopping trip.

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