5 Tips To Help New Moms Save Date Night #LittleVictories


The best way to celebrate a new family of three (or more), is with a party for the two whose love created the third!

bravado-logoRecent research conducted by Bravado Designs of more than 1,000 new moms showed that 72% of women think date nights with their partner are somewhat to extremely important—yet more than one third haven’t had a date night in more than 6 months (WOW).

 Connecting with each other leads to the comfort and confidence that helps a mother find her own version of success, however she defines it.  In support of Motherhood, Couplehood and a very special effort to keep both strong, we support the Little Victories Campaign.  You can learn more and get great tips from other experts at BravadoDesigns.com

Here is our contribution to Little Victories!

Date Night doesn’t have to be a big production filled with lots of pressure. Make it a relaxing “time-out” for you and your partner to share some time as a couple. And, to be realistic, call it “Date Time” (sometimes you’re just too tired to be a good “date” by the evening) and be open to carving out time together morning, noon or night.


Here are our 5 #LittleVictories Tips for creating some simple and special “Date Time” in your home.

  1. Turn off all Distractions: yes, that means tech and the television (unless, your Date Time involves a movie or television show.) Turn on some music and tune into the music and each other.
  2. Sip a Special Beverage: whether it’s cocktails or mocktails you’re sharing, make it special by serving it in fancy mugs or glasses and ALWAYS take a moment to look each other in the eyes and toast each other. Sipping typically requires you to sit still and breath a little slower, putting you in a more relaxed and receptive state of mind, which is sometimes a struggle to achieve as a new parent.  {See our cocktail/mocktail recipes>}
  3. Set the Scene: create a cozy “picnic” space for two by arranging a blanket, oversized throw pillows and your picnic basket by the fireplace, picture window, or in a cozy room (of course, if the weather cooperates, outside is always an option.)  Pack your picnic basket as if you were going on an actual picnic so you have everything you need and can keep your focus on each other.  Finger foods you can feed each other can make for romantic fun.
  4. Easy Entertainment:  Rent a movie you’ll both enjoy and make it a “Dive-In Movie.” Light candles in your bedroom, dim the lights, serve Popcorn and Chardonnay and dive into bed.  Sip, snack and smooch like teens on a first date in a dark theater.
  5. Keep it Simple and Special:  Many of the best restaurants offer take-out.   Instead of cooking all day, simply set a special place to dine, take time for a shower and to prepare for your date. Remember to value the quality of your time together as much as your money and treat yourself to a special meal you can share together.

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