7 Freezer Hacks & Tips for Easy Entertaining


7 Freezer Hacks & Tips for Easy Entertaining

Your freezer can be an indispensable tool when it comes to party planning. Here are a few hacks and tips to ease your mind and efforts when it comes to entertaining.

  1. Store a permanent marker near your freezer and mark everything you freeze with a date — if it’s not in its original package, also mark with a name so you can identify it at a later date. One of my favorites to freeze is ½ cup containers of homemade tomato sauce so I always have sauce on hand for Homemade Pizza and we can host Pizza Night.
  2. For an easy and “mess-free” ice cream bar, pre-scoop ice cream onto parchment lined baking sheet and deep freeze. Just before opening your pre-set ice cream bar, add in ice cream.
  3. The day before a party, empty your ice cubes into gallon size plastic bags. While you use your stash of ice cubes to replenish your ice bucket, your ice machine will have made a fresh supply of ice and you can mix up Caipirinhas all day long. If you don’t have an ice maker, grab your ice cube trays and get going a few days in advance of your party.       freezerhackr
  4. Peel, pack and freeze bananas as they are bordering on “over ripeness” (catch them before you have to throw them out) for future use in Banana Love Muffins and/or Berry Smoothies, which come in handy when hosting overnight guests or brunches.
  5. Stock a main meal such as a spiral ham, hamburgers, or Italian sausage in your freezer along with a variety of frozen fries (we love the sweet potato, crinkle and rosemary Alexia fries) and a frozen dessert (we love Whoopie Pies) and you have everything you need to serve guests a satisfying meal. freezerhackrecipes
  6. Post-party, instead of discarding unfinished bottles of wine, pour leftover wine into ice cube trays and freeze for use in recipes such as Braised Ribs & Risotto and Chicken Cacciatore.
  7. Keep a variety of Alexia French Fries in the freezer so you can whip up a French Fry Tasting Bar for a fun snack over cocktails. Tasting Bars create an opportunity to get guests snacking and sharing. Offer condiments (ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, ranch dressing) sauces and/or and dips, like Buffalo Sauce, Tzatziki Sauce, Broccoli & Cheese Dip, and you’ve got the ultimate French Fry Bar.



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