The Out Of Control Party – Tips to Avoid It!

Parties are the perfect way for us for us to connect with the people in our lives and provide a great opportunity for fun! But what happens when the fun gets out of control?  Well, it can ruin your party and in some cases put you or your guests at risk.

To avoid these “party pitfalls”, I offer some suggestions and tips for how NOT to host an “out of control” party. 

There are 2 areas in particular that pose a threat: the Bar and the Guest List.  As the host, address these upfront so your party goes off and on without a hitch!


Pitfall:  Drunk or underage drinkers at your party.  No one ever wants to learn this lesson the hard way, so pay close attention to these tips.  It can happen to the best of us, one drink too many and you’re tipsy.  Acknowledge this ahead of time by being prepared, not judgmental.  It’s a great way to keep your party in control.  I believe that every host needs their own alcohol policy; one that will protect them and their guests.  Think about the following when deciding a policy that’s right for you.

  1. Underage drinking.  Be clear about your rules if you are hosting a get-together with families, other parents may have different rules for their teens and young adults.   It’s better to be upfront about this when guests arrive. Remember, you are responsible for any underage drinkers at your party, and can be legally prosecuted for permitting it to occur.
  2. Promote Responsible Drinking and Avoid Drunk Driving.
  • In your invitation let everyone know that Designated Drivers are special guests at your party and will be treated as such.
  • Collect keys or have everyone toss their keys into a bowl when they arrive at your party.
  • Call a cab for a guest who shouldn’t drive.
  • Invite guests who have had one too many to spend the night if there is no available safe transportation for them.

In addition…

  • Always offer mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages that are fun and festive.  This is Considerate Entertaining. There are a myriad of reasons that your guests may choose not to “drink“, ranging from being responsible to health concerns. Most of us do provide soda, water or juice as an alternative, but go a step further and treat guests to something special by offering a sophisticated and special virgin cocktail!  Check out some cool mocktail recipes>
  • Finally, make sure to serve lots of food and offer it throughout the entire party.



Pitfall:  You don’t know where to draw the line on your invite list and it’s growing out of control or worse you give up on hosting a party all together because you can’t decide where to cut it off.   Ah yes, I’ve been there.  This is a dilemma we all face, but you need to make sure to keep the size of your party in proportion to the capacity of your space, including the bathroom facilities.  Don’t forget, if you are not hiring help then you are doing all the work, so make sure you can handle the amount of guests.

Here are some helpful solutions to keeping the guest list under control.

  1. Create a “guest theme” that fits only a select group of people in your circle to avoid hurt feelings.

Some themes to consider are:

  • Family–only (sometimes this can even be an issue, if you have a huge family keep it to immediate family or don’t invite beyond first cousins)
  • School friends
  • Church group
  • Co-workers
  • High-School or College Friends
  • Moms group

2.  Host often, so there is not so much pressure to invite everyone.





4 Responses to The Out Of Control Party – Tips to Avoid It!

  1. I think you need to invite different people. Being a host has responsibilities and so does being a guest. That being said, sometimes we just have groups of friends or family that are like this and we’re not going to change them. I would say to leave your party a bit loose. Plan a cocktail and dessert party instead of dinner. If it’s dinner, don’t do sit down style do, instead do a buffet or better yet, pot luck – then you’ll be sure to have enough food!

  2. I have two questions for anyone who can help. Whenever I have a party 1) it’s like pulling teeth to get an RSVP from anyone and then they bring a extra guest. So if I have a party set for 10, I end up with 16.


    What can I do…?

  3. I need to follow the “host often” concept more often. Little parties seem to turn into 40 people in a matter of minutes, every time.

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