How To Be A Happy Hostess!

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This year we want to help you say YES to the party. We’ll be tagging our tips, recipes and ideas with the #PlanToParty hashtag and invite you to do the same.  Share with us the many ways you celebrate everyday and we’ll feature some of those ideas. You can share on twitter, pinterest and instagram – we’ll keep a look out!  Let’s get started…

Be the Happiest Hostess instead of trying to be the Hostess with the Mostess and your party will be a success!  The more you entertain the more you realize, the mood you set, is just as important as the food you serve or the way you decorate.   One way to make sure the mood is right is to follow our 5 “Be” Attitudes for a Happy Hostess.

Planning an event can be stressful, so here’s our best advice for your next party!


Keep it small – with an intimate gathering you can connect with your guests – that’s the goal, right?


Decide what style of party (cocktail, dinner, brunch, wine tasting, dessert party) works for your entertaining style, schedule and space.


Pick your party date and send your invites out asap as calendars tend to fill up quickly.


Personalize your party with special touches, e.g., a “wow” tablescape, a welcome signature cocktail, thoughtful favors. By taking the time to make your guests feel special, your party will be transformed from a party into an unforgettable experience.


Create a party plan that allows you to prepare most everything ahead of time, so you can be a guest at your own party and enjoy sharing time with loved ones.

If you like these tips we have lots more in our book Plan to Party! It contains strategies, tools, checklists and actual Party Plans for simple and special entertaining.

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  1. Heather Currier says:

    The month of December always seems to fly by and so many things are packed in to just a few weeks. This year I decided to continue celebrating the holidays throughout January. I find I am less stressed and really looking to connect and spend time with friends during a quieter month. I am a much more relaxed and present hostess. Today I made Christmas cookies with my daughters. What a great day! Partybluprints continues to inspire me in so many ways. Thanks Ladies!

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