Organize for Entertaining – Spring Cleaning

While many may focus on cleaning their clothes closets this spring, strike out in a different direction and clean out your kitchen cabinets. Inventory your items and then restock them so you’re ready for some Spring Entertaining – consider the contents your “tools” for entertaining.

Ask yourself questions like these as part of your inventory process:

  • Do I have the right tools to make entertaining easy?
  • What are my “lifesaver” tools I simply must have when cooking and entertaining?
  • Are they in good working condition?
  • Do I have items that are simply collecting dust and taking up space?
  • What tools would make my life easier when entertaining?
  • When cooking and entertaining, do you think to yourself, I really could use x, y, z? If so, get them.

Tip: Use what you have and be smart in buying what you need. When you can, purchase items that are multi-purpose (i.e., white dishes, stemless wine glasses, serving dishes – you can serve anything in/on them and they look great on any table, during any season, with any décor).


  1. Keep what you need and remove what you don’t.
  2. Donate, repair or throw it out if it’s not in good working condition. This will free up much needed space so you can have easy access to the items you use.
  3. Inventory essential items you have and list those you need.
  4. Prioritize items and purchase them as you can.
  5. See our Essentials Checklists (we call it our “Toolbox”) in our book, “Plan to Party”, for our Inventory List and use it as a reference tool for creating your own.

This is a great opportunity to get organized for entertaining – if you have what you need, where you need it, you’ll feel much less stressed and more inclined to entertain.

Cheers To  Entertaining!




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