Party Tips For When To Hire Some Help!

When planning a party, it’s important to find the right balance between your available resources of time and money.  Knowing when to BUY and when to DIY can make all the difference to you, the host! In our book, Plan To Party, we go into great detail helping you find a strategy and plan that fits your budget and style of entertaining.  The following is an informative guest post from Nicole Steeger, the Marketing Manager at GigMasters.  GigMasters is the #1 event entertainment booking service, guiding party planners and hosts to the perfect entertainment for any event.

GigMasters combines the efficiency of the web with the personal touch of a private event planner. From bands and DJs, to balloon twisters and fire dancers; GigMasters can help you find the life of your party. For more entertainment advice from the GigMasters team, check out their party blog and wedding blog.

Party Planning: When To Hire Some Help

Hosting an event takes a lot of planning and budgeting. The goal is always to throw an amazing party, wow your guests, and keep your spending under control. But, when you are hosting a fabulous party, it is also important to arrange things so that you too can enjoy your amazing creation. During the planning process, you have to ask yourself – when should I hire help to save time, and when should I do it alone to save money?  To help you answer these questions, we have a few tips to guide you to the right balance between BUY and DIY.

  • Catering: If you are having a smaller gathering it is most economical to prepare food yourself (if you know your way around a kitchen). Prep as much as you can before the party so you are not stressed for time on the big day.  But, if you aren’t comfortable with your culinary skills, or you are having a large scale affair – hiring a catering company is definitely the way to go.  You don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen when you should be mingling with your guests.  A caterer will make delicious food, bring waiters to serve your guests, and help you clean up at the end of the evening.  It will be money well spent.  When you are planning to serve alcohol at a party with more than a handful of guests, it is always a good idea to hire a professional bartender. This will ensure that your guests drink responsibly. Remember, being a good host also means having consideration for your guests’ safety.
  • Decorations: Party décor is the perfect opportunity to DIY and save some money. Often times you can create truly beautiful décor by being crafty (and getting inspiration from the internet). For instance, their are wonderful websites with great décor tutorials – like how to make your own pom-poms and luminaries.  Balloons, tulle and fruit centerpieces are also great DIY décor options. The style lush blog offers many suggestions for using these inexpensive items to design a gorgeous party.  You can match the colors of your DIY decorations with a great party printable collection from a site like Anders Ruff or Chickabug.  You can purchase a complete printable set (invitations, banners, place cards, etc.), that matches your party theme or colors. Party printables go a long way when it comes to décor – they can really add a great professional look to your celebration (without breaking the bank).
  • Glassware and Linens: When you are hosting a large event, renting linens and glassware should be factored into your budget. You can visit your local party rental store (they are a one stop shop) for renting everything you need in one place.  For smaller parties, (especially if you entertain often), purchasing your own glasses and linens may be a wise investment.  Stores like Target, Christmas Tree Shop and Homegoods are great resources for finding inexpensive glassware that you could invest in once, and use for all of your events.  Purchasing neutral colored linens (that would be suitable for a variety of occasions) would mean that you could re-use them for all other events, and only have to spend the money once.
  • Entertainment: Investing in professional entertainment is a smart decision for any party host. Entertainment can help set the tone for your party; DJ’s, live bands and variety entertainers are great for breaking the ice between guests and infusing a little life into your party. But, there is a difference between hiring your friend to DJ a party, and a professional.  When you find the right performer, they can make your hosting duties a breeze. They can lend their expertise when you are creating the schedule of events for the party, and monitor things for you during the party – so you can enjoy yourself.


Remember, you should always try to save money in areas of your party planning where you can be creative and thrifty. But, don’t focus solely on saving if it means foregoing spending time with your guests. They want to enjoy your company – so save where you can, but make sure you get to enjoy the amazing party that your time and money creates!

Written By: NicoleSteeger

Nicole  joined the GigMasters family with a marketing and event planning background in the hospitality industry. I have a deep passion for music, entertainment and party planning and love every minute I spend writing for the “Life Of The Party” blog. I am extremely excited to be part of the GigMasters team and work with all of our wonderful clients and members. On the weekends I enjoy spending time with family, friends and my two spoiled Labrador Retrievers.


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