Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Entertaining Al Fresco should be casual and fun, but there are a few things you should consider before hosting in the great outdoors.  Check out our tips below – they make it as easy as the A, B C’s !

• Keep Your Guests Comfortable & Clean:

A. Banish the bugs – 1 hour before guests arrive, light bug bomb and citronella candles.
Set out individual bug spray wipes and/or spray for guests’ convenient use.

B. It’s a picnic, so while you’re “roughing” it, offer your guests the opportunity to “wash
up” with wipes and/or hand sanitizer – a must have at a picnic!

C. Give your guests a place to kick back: Provide plenty of clean and comfortable seating
(chairs, blankets, benches, etc.) For the kids: arrange 1 or 2 blankets strictly for
eating (when they’re done or if they spill, simply fold them up and wash them later.
Reserve one blanket for the kids to play and relax after eating.

• Keep Waste to a Minimum:

A. Mark your beverages. Use ClinQ™s , these clever peel off stickers adhere your to drink
(whether it’s a glass, bottle, disposable cup or plastic bottle). Each has a different symbol so you can identify your drink from the rest. This avoids waste as guests inevitably forget where they set their drink – all they have to do is remember their symbol.

B. Put out a recycling bin for empties.

C. Use renewable dinnerware or acrylic dishware and cloth napkins (for fun, you can purchase flag bandanas and use them as napkins).

• Keep it Cool & Wet:

A. Ice, Ice and more Ice: There’s nothing worse than lukewarm or hot beverages on a hot day. Make sure you have more than enough ice to continually replenish the supply. General rule of thumb is 2 lbs. of ice per person.

B. Hydrate your guests: Have plenty of non alcoholic beverages on hand – make sure to consider all your guests: adults, children, elderly.

C. If your yard offers no shade, create some with a few umbrellas. You can also purchase a fan or two that mists while it cools – now that’s cool!

• Keep it Healthy

A. Use Vinegarette, not Mayonnaise to dress salads – mayo can spoil quickly when temperatures are soaring.

B. Don’t set up your buffet table in the direct sunlight; use either natural shade or an umbrella as a buffer. Don’t leave food out on buffet table longer than necessary – follow safety guidelines.

C. For those sun lovers who forgot to put lotion on at home, put out some spray suntan lotion for easy and convenient protection from the sun.



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