3 Easy Firework-themed Party Ideas For The Fourth Of July

Here are 3 fun ways to decorate and celebrate for the 4th of July.   Each is simple and special and takes its inspiration from Katy Perry: “Baby you’re a firework – come on, let your colors burst”!

Fireworks Cupcakes

While these festive cupcakes look gourmet or store-bought, they are easy to make yourself.


  • 1 box cake mix (+ ingredients listed on box)
  • 2 cans white frosting (or make your own)
  • red and blue food coloring

1. Bake cupcakes according to box instructions. Allow to cool thoroughly.
2. Place1/2 cup of icing in 2 separate bowls. Using food coloring, make red and blue icing. Place in ziploc bags and seal. Cut very end of bottom of corner of bag – this is how you will pipe icing onto cupcakes. Set aside.
3. Ice top of cupcakes with white frosting.
4. As shown in picture, pipe icing in concentric circles, using alternating colors (do half starting in middle with red, other half with blue).
5. Using the end of a toothpick, start in center of cupcake and draw toothpick through icing to outer end of cupcake, continue doing this is small pie-like slices until you return to starting point.

Star Spangled Candy Jar

Light up your 4th of July with this fun and festive candy masterpiece. It’s so easy to create this Star Spangled display for your dessert table.  You can also enjoy the marshmallows toasted over the fire when the sun goes down and the fireworks light up the sky!  FYI: chances are your guests will make the candy disappear, so offer a convenient trash disposal for the skewers and no clean up!


  • 1 package KRAFT Jet-Puffed StarMallows Marshmallows
  • Assorted bamboo skewers
  • 2 tubs (24oz.) Cherry Sours candy
  • 1 glass container (use what you have – I used a vase from a flower arrangement I had received)


1. Wash and thoroughly dry container. Fill with Cherry Sours.
2. Using a variety of sizes of both skewers and the StarMallows marshmallows (there are large and small in each package), assemble star skewers and insert into container.
3. You can put out a scoop by the jar so that when all the skewers are gone, guests can easily enjoy the Cherry Sours!

Builder’s Note: If you are having a large party, make two and use as anchors for your dessert table.


Firework Flower Arrangement

Don’t have time or money to create a festive flower arrangement for your 4th of July celebration? These gold sprays I got at my local craft store reminded me of streaming fireworks. They came three sprays to a stem, so I simply cut the sprays apart and inserted them into my existing planted pots. You could further embellish with small American flags.

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  1. Easy, inexpensive, great tips to celebrate the 4th with some patriotic color.

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