5 Budget-Friendly Secrets from Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding For Your Party!

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As the details emerge about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding festivities, I am more and more impressed. I usually refrain from celebrity party blogging here, but I do want to share a few items of note.  It seems so much of what Chelsea Clinton opted for was simple and special. Although for obvious reason, things were done on a grand scale, many ideas from her wedding are ones that you can recreate at your own events and smaller parties with a non-celeb budget and no staff!

Bryan Rafanelli (Rafanelli Events) planned the wedding of the year this past weekend: the marriage of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky. “I know Chelsea and Marc wanted to have the highest quality,” said Rafanelli. “That doesn’t mean the most expensive; it just means really a beautiful wedding.” Can you hear me clapping Mr. Rafanelli?

Here are a few highlights from Chelsea’s wedding that you can recreate for your own celebrations:

  • The couple stood under an arch of twigs, vines, and flowers (<–picture) in a nod to the Jewish chuppah (wedding canopy). One of the couple’s friends read a 1943 poem by Leo Marks called The Life That I Have that was used as “poem code” during World War II.  I believe that a poem whether read aloud or shared at a place setting on paper is a great way to infuse meaning into your event.
  • The wedding, where dinner and dancing for the 400 guests took place, was held under a premium windowed tent lit by chandeliers. The tent’s interior was transformed into wonderland garden scene.  The ceiling and walls were draped in fabric, the support poles for the tent were decorated with flowers and tables covered in cool toned gray-blue cloths with arrangements of pink, blue and lavender hydrangeas and roses. I love Hydrangeas for centerpieces and bouquets, the blues and purples are gorgeous and because they naturally grow in circular blooms a little of this flower can go a long way.  You can add a few roses to amp up the arrangement but seriously these flowers can stand on their own.  I love grouping small arrangements of Hydrangeas in vases of varying heights.  Check out the image below form a Cozy Little Cabin Blog>


  • On the menu was locally raised grass-fed beef or grilled fish, risotto and salad.  I would love to know how they pulled off risotto for 400!  Risotto is one of my favorite foods, yet I usually recommend this for smaller scale dinner parties.  It’s a very special dish (you can literally just add parmesan cheese or try peas and prosciutto) to serve and it costs next to nothing!
  • The eleven-tier chocolate cake was gluten-free and was created by La Tulipe Desserts in Mt. Kisco, NY.  The bakery boasts a beautiful online website and ships!


Each guest received a gift bag containing a bottle of local Clinton Vineyards wine, a box of chocolates, pastries from the local Wild Hive Farm Store, and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. Reusable totes are great favors for weddings, rehearsal dinners, showers or any party where you want to gift your guests a treat.  Once you get your tote fill it with items that are special to you and fun for your guest, like treats to nibble on after the party, lip balms or even a small crossword puzzle book for guest that may be staying overnight.


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