50 Super Bowl Tips and Recipes


The Super Bowl turns 50 this year and we’re celebrating!

In honor of “The Golden Super Bowl”, we are sharing our top 50 tips, tricks and recipes. Super Bowl is one of the most spirited and popular parties to host (according to US News, last year it was estimated that nearly 43 million people plan to host a super bowl party.) So we’re cutting through all the agony of searching for the best recipes and ideas and delivering a stellar list of picks and tips for your party. Simply select what works for you and you’ve got your game plan! If you’re a guest, pick something fun from the list to make and bring.


Dips (Pictured above clockwise)

1. Fresh Guacamole – a delicious dairy free dip option.

2. BLT Dip – We’ve served this dip so many times and it’s always a fan favorite and the ultimate comfort food dip.

3. Broccoli & Cheese Dip — served in a bread bowl, the contest here is whether the dip or the bread bowl gets demolished first.

4. Baked Spinach Artichoke Dip –This warm and delicious dip is a good choice for vegetarians, although no one will be able to resist a scoop.

5. Buffalo Chicken Dip –This dip combines the traditional flavor of buffalo chicken wings with some luscious creamy dip (not pictured.)


Appetizers (Pictured above clockwise)

6. Tequila Spiked Wings – our favorite spirit soars on this fan favorite appetizer.

7. Pull-Apart Bread with Pepperoni & Mozzarella  – this fun party appetizer is like an inside out Stromboli and much more fun to share.

8. Fried Sausage Bites with Spicy Mustard – 2 ingredients = super simple recipe.

9. Buffalo Wings – traditional fan favorite.

10. Sausage Nachos – amp up your everyday nachos and swap out the beef for some sausage (not pictured.)


Sandwiches (Pictured above clockwise)

11. Buffalo Chicken French Bread Pizza – Easy 3 ingredient recipe: Large loaf Italian bread or 6 Italian hero rolls | 1 cup tomato sauce | ½ lb. fresh thinly sliced mozzarella | buffalo chicken (you can substitute any type of topping) | Slice bread and place face side up on baking sheet. Spread each half with tomato sauce and cover with thinly sliced mozzarella and toppings. Bake 350º for 5-7 minutes until bread is warmed through and cheese is melted. Slice and serve.

12. Meatball Sliders — a fun alternative to traditional sliders.

13. Chicken Cutlet Parmesan Hero — Quick 5 Ingredient Fix: Large loaf Ciabatta or Italian bread | 8 thinly sliced breaded chicken cutlets | 8 oz. thinly sliced mozzarella | ½ cup tomato sauce | fresh basil leaves (*optional) | Slice loaf of bread horizontally and layer chicken cutlets, mozzarella, tomato sauce, wrap in foil and heat in 350º oven for 10 minutes or until heated through – unwrap, slice and serve on a platter or wood board.

14. Mozzarella & Pepperoni Panini – serve a stack of these instead of pizza.

15. Lazy Man’s Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwiches – a fan favorite that can be made ahead in crock pot and left on warm throughout party so guests can help themselves to a hot dish at their leisure (not pictured.)


Comfort  Food (Pictured above clockwise)

16. Red Pepper Chili – a more traditional Texas style chili (no beans in this chili.)

Fun tip:  Serve up chili in Mini French rolls/Petit Pain (shaped like a football.) Make a bread bowl out of your rolls by slicing off the very top and removing the inside of the roll. Fill with chili and use thin strips of cheese to make the laces. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until heated through.

17. Chicken Chipotle Chili – a healthy twist on traditional chili, swap the ground beef for ground chicken and amp up the flavor with Chipotle, no one will ever know!

18. Cheeseburger Hand Pies – Serve up a tray of these fun Cheeseburger Hand Pies for a twist on traditional cheeseburgers.

19. Homemade Margherita Pizza – Here’s another meatless option that even your pickiest guests will love.

20. Easy Cheesy Jalapeño Mac & Cheese – add some heat to your Mac & Cheese and serve in individual serving dishes, so guests can grab and go back to watching the big game (not pictured.)


Soup for a “Souper Bowl” Bar – Fun for a Pre-Game. Set up a soup bar complete toppings like shredded cheese, bacon, croutons, oyster crackers and more. (Pictured above clockwise)

21. Elizabeth’s Easy Tomato Soup – this pureed soup is chock full of vegetables.

22. Potato Corn Chowder – a hearty fan favorite soup.

23. Foccacia Bread – the perfect side for your soup.

24. The Best Potato Soup – no cream here or meat here.

25. Chicken Tortilla Soup  — chicken soup with a party twist (not pictured.)


Lighter Bites – this category is a great addition for those who are looking for some lighter fare. (Pictured above clockwise)

26. Grilled Chicken with Broccoli Rabe & Roasted Peppers — although we lightened up a traditional Super Sandwich, it still feels like you’re joining in the fun.

27. Margherita Flatbread Pizza — this pizza goes thin and focuses on the fresh toppings

28. Shrimp Fried Rice certainly not a traditional dish, it offers a fun side for grain fans.

29. Greek Salad Skewers – easy to make, fun to serve.

30. Bruschetta with Roasted Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella – for guests who feel a sandwich is too much bread, here’s an option that gives them just a taste (not pictured.)


Beverages – these beverages go from pre-game snacking through dessert. They offer a chance to add a little interest to your beer selections, for a mixed crowd take the opportunity to serve up some cocktails.

31. Beer Tasting – if you’re looking to add some interest to your beer picks, let your guests weigh-in. Offer a fun beer tasting pre-game. Pour a tasting of brews – guests should taste from light to dark and then choose their favorites to enjoy during the game. (A twist on a fan fave)

32. Beer Cocktail – This is our personal pick to celebrate Super Bowl 50 – the fan favorite, beer, with a shot of something special. Just like the name says, it’s a beer with a shot of spirit (Tequila) – our preferred pairing is Corona with a shot of Don Julio Blanco and a squeeze of lime. You can either serve it in a glass or go old school: take a good sip out of the bottle, add your tequila and lime, cover bottle top with your thumb, invert for a minute to infuse and then upright it and you’re ready to go.

33. Slow Cooker Spiked Cranberry Apple Cider – this is spiked with Bourbon, a perfect complement to warm cider.

34. White Russian or Vodka Ice Bar – If bar space is limited, move your bar outside and host a Vodka or White Russian Ice Bar.

35. Coffee Cocktails –  Spike it with some fourth quarter fun and serve up some coffee cocktails.


Dessert – go all out with by creating a Super Dessert Buffet in honor of the 50th Super Bowl. Here are 10 dessert ideas  

36. Nutella Berry Dessert Pizza — a dessert pizza for Super Bowl, very appropriate!

37. Chocolate Crackle — put this salty dessert out for snacking and it’s sure to be devoured in seconds.

38. Football Chocolate Covered Strawberries — a festive dessert that offers a touch of healthy.

39. Peanut Butter Marshmallow Crunch Brownies — a scrumptious dessert packed with irresistible goodness.

40. Super Bowl Pull Apart Cake — the perfect dessert that looks like a cake but is built with cupcakes. No fork or knife required, simply pull an exposed edge or corner and serve yourself in seconds.

41. Super Sundae Ice Cream Bar — create a “make your own” sundae bar with festive fixings.

42. Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn — another salty and sweet treat perfect for snacking.

43.  Candied Snickerdoodles – Although these are typically our traditional Christmas cookies, swap out the Christmas colored sprinkles for the colors of the Super Bowl teams and all of a sudden they are a festive dessert that does double duty as décor on your dessert buffet. It’s always good to offer a non-chocolate dessert option – believe it or not, there are guests who don’t like or can’t eat chocolate.

44. Chocolate Drizzled Peanut Butter Cookies – Same idea as above, decorate with team color sprinkles and satisfy your chocolate, peanut butter and sprinkle fans.

5 Easy Tips for Making your Party Super:

45. Build a DIY Photo Booth. Make construction paper chains of various lengths in both teams colors. String chains in team colors to create your photo booth curtain/frame. Display football themed photo booth props for use in the photo booth along with any other Super Bowl props you  may have. We loved the props we got from Big Dot of Happiness on Etsy.


46. Electronic invites offer a variety of designs, are easy to send out via email and track rsvps. Since this year is the 50th Super Bowl, we like a design that highlights this Golden Super Bowl.


47. Create a comfortable viewing area in which all seats allow for a good view of the televised event.  Bring in extra chairs, stools, ottomans, beanbag chairs, and oversized pillows for additional seating. One of the greatest treats growing up was eating in front of the television; so indulge your guests and make it easy for them to dine by offering surfaces and coasters for guests to rest glasses and plates while viewing.

48. Make sure your television(s) and sound system are in good working order. Consider bringing in another large television if hosting a crowd.

49. Save time and money on decorations and let your guests be the decorations. Ask guests to get in the spirit by wearing the colors of the team they are rooting for or don a team jersey.  A room full of football fans dressed for the game will add all the spirit you need.

50. Don’t forget about the youngest fans — Buy face paint and ask someone to transform your young guests into football fanatics. This will entertain the kids (and all your guests). Take pictures of your football fanatics and send them home as mementos. Set up a kids craft table and let the kids decorate posters and small DIY cheer megaphones.


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