6 Tips For Going GREEN This Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s most definitely the greenest holiday of the year, so as you Plan to Party this Saint Patrick’s Day wear green, Go GREEN!  Try our six super tips and spread the “Luck of the Irish” to Mother Earth too!

  1. On St. Patrick’s Day, be truly green when you drink beer. Try organic, buy local, purchase a keg instead of cans and bottles, or use growlers*
  2. Go green with electronic invitations, save paper and all the energy that’s involved in getting mail from one place to the next. Electronic invites have come a long way – most companies now have great designs to choose from and fun animations.
  3. Avoid wasting fuel, time and energy “foraging” for your party materials and supplies. Make a comprehensive and consolidated supply list for your party and make one shopping trip.
  4. Skip the paper decorations and let your guests be the decorations by inviting them to dress in green or in costume.
  5. Use fresh produce or flowering plants as your centerpiece(s). A day or two after your party, use the fresh produce. Plant the flowering plants in your garden/container garden or send them home with your guests to plant in their garden as a remembrance of “good times”. For Saint Patrick’s Day, try potted clover and green apples.
  6. Purchase inexpensive melamine plates that you can reuse party after party, instead of buying paper plates from the local party store or supermarket. You’ll recoup your initial investment after a few parties and you’ll avoid dumping a boatload of paper plates into the garbage. If you’re worried about cleanup, find a happy medium and use Bambu renewable plates.

* Growlers are reusable, refillable jugs that some breweries will fill with freshly brewed beer and sell. You can take a growler home, enjoy the beer, wash the jug, and take it back to be refilled – avoids bottles and cans waste.

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