6 Top Holiday Trends for 2011

The Holidays are here, and if you want to know the hottest trends for entertaining and decorating for the season we have them for you.  I did my homework and spotted 6 that are already all the rage for 2011.

Each is explained below:

1. Alpine Sparkle is a hot trend this season – a ‘silver and green’ color theme with a mountain meets Manhattan twist! Mix Mercury glass with holiday greens and pine cones to achieve this look. For details on how to get this look go>


2. “Traditional” is trendy and “Retro” is hot, be inspired by a 60’s or 70’s look. Peace signs as accessories on Christmas trees, wreaths, mantles or in any décor are hot for the holidays! Image from Retrorenovation.com


3. Less is more, let simplicity shine and try a minimalistic. The mantle is a great place to start: a few candles and stockings in a monochromatic theme.  Good Housekeeping image above is a great example!


4. “Hushed” is a hot alternative to holiday focused decorating that needs to be packed away in early January. The color palette is pure white, grayed blues and muddied raisin, and serenity, tranquility and longevity are the goal of this minimalistic decorating style perfect for the winter season and not just for the holidays. Hushed can also serve as a beautiful backdrop to your holiday decorating, simply layer on your holiday decorations – when you pack away the holiday décor, leave the “Hushed” look and your home won’t look so cold and empty.  Image from HGTV.com


5. Cocktail and Dessert parties are the NEW way to entertain for those with limited time and money. Dessert flights will be all the rage at holiday parties this year.  Think tapas for dessert – small plates with a variety of items or Chinese spoons for tasting several treats.  See our “How To Host A Dessert Party”>


6. French food is hot. Anything French on your table is on trend and is especially fun to feature at dessert parties. Try: macaroon towers, French 75 cocktails, mini dessert pastries and crème brulee. French  Dessert Ideas> and New Year’s Brunch French Desserts Table>


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    Happy Entertaining and Decorating!


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