“Easy As Pie” Pizza BBQ – “Think Out Of The Box” Party Idea!

Think out of the box and celebrate the warmer weather with a  “Make Your Own” Pizza BBQ that’s all about ease and simplicity. Invite your guests to become Pizzaiolos for the day, as they create and grill their own pizzas. Turn your grill into a pizza oven, shopping the local produce market for farm fresh fruit and vegetables for toppings, and transforming your backyard into an alfresco neighborhood pizza parlor.

Here are some tips for Hosting:

1. Purchase pizza dough from your local pizzeria. Although they don’t advertise it, many pizzerias will sell it to you by the pound if you ask. Making pizza dough for a crowd is labor intensive, so save yourself the work.


2. When grilling pizza, use a well oiled grill topper to cook the dough. Watch it carefully as it cooks, as it can burn quickly. You may want to test a few small pieces of dough and adjust the heat accordingly.


3. Cook the dough first, then add toppings, and heat through on the grill.


4. Enjoy a variety of fresh produce, including herbs, on your grilled pizza.  Use muffin tins to keep the toppings organized for guests.  You can cut everything ahead of time and store in the fridge.  When you set them out at the BBQ sit them in a glass Pyrex dish with ice to keep it cold.

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5. Use the extra produce you buy for the pizza toppings to create colorful centerpieces, and add some sunflowers.

6.  Serve a cool chianti, your favorite beer  (we like Peroni for this party) and pitchers of lemonade.

7.  Use paper products just like the Pizzeria so clean up is a snap.

8.  Send guests home with the leftovers in pizza boxes.  You can buy them from your local pizzeria.

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  1. I love this idea, especially asking your local pizzeria if you can purchase dough. I wouldn’t have thought of that! Cooking pizza on a grill has been an intimidating idea for me but you made it look so simple I think I’ll give it a shot.

  2. Your website is very nice.
    Congratulations again…here and on Twitter!
    Best wishes!

  3. Pizza on the grill is delicious, easy and fun. It is thinking out of the box and will suprise your friends.
    Love it!!

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