Budget-Friendly Memorial Day Party Picks!

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photo source: 1. bhg.com 2. hostesswiththemostess.com 3. bhg.com – see links below.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the summer and it deserves a celebration, so I spent some time surfing  the web to bring you some great patriotic party ideas. I found four fabulous ones to spotlight, not only because they will make magic at your party, but because they are budget friendly too.  Be sure to check out the amazing sites they come from for more details.   Remember, it’s also important to make this holiday meaningful, especially for the kids, so check out our special activities and ideasthat put meaning in your Memorial Day Celebration here> .

1. PENNY CANDY BAR – Create a Retro Penny Candy Bar with all your childhood favorites!  Provide small paper bags so that guests can collect their favorites.  Display your Penny Candy Bar in an easily accessible spot.  You’ll be surprised at the reaction of the adults – everyone has a favorite and you’ll feel like a kid again making up your own bag.  Make sure to be conscious of chocking hazards for small children when you select your candy.  For details on the image above, a Penny Candy Centerpiece, go to BHG.com>

2.  MAKE YOUR OWN HOT DOG BAR: Hot Dogs are All-American fare and you can feed a crowd on a tight budget when you serve them!  Jennifer Sbranti  – Hostess With the Mostess has a FREE printable sign that you can use to make serving hots dogs special.   You can print out the sign here> .

Here are some delicious regional recipes for topping your hot dogs from Ball Park Franks:

  • Alabama-style Willy Dog »
  • Boston’s Frank »
  • Carolina Hot Dogs »
  • Chicago Dog »
  • D.C.’s Monumental Dog »
  • Detroit’s Coney Dog »
  • Georgia’s Scrambled Dog »
  • L.A. West Coast Dog
  • New York City Street Cart Dog »
  • Texas Chili Dog »

3. PATRIOTIC PINWHEEL DECORATION: Get crafty and show your patriotism by making these fun and festive pinwheel planters.  You can use them as a centerpiece, around your yard or on the front porch.  They are great all summer so leave them out or store them, and pull them back out for The Fourth of July and Labor Day.  See our directions for creating your own pretty pinwheels at LifetimeMoms.com here> and to see more details on the image above visit BHG.com here>

4.  HOMEMADE DESSERT: Bake don’t buy and you will save a bundle on dessert for your party.  Try our fabulous (and red, white and blue) Grilled Pound Cake and Fresh Berry dessert recipe here>


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    We will never forget those! We have a great original recipe for you – check it out> Beer Cooler

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    Don’t forget the beer and cocktails!

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