4 Fabulous Ideas For High Party Impact on a Low Budget!

Feeling the pinch on your party because of a tight budget, but still want the look and feel created by party planners like Colin Cowie and Amy Atlas?  Well here is one of the best ways I know to create high party impact on a low party budget. I call it Mass Appeal.  Anything, and I do mean almost anything, in a monochromatic mass can take the mundane and make it WOW with glamour, drama or fun.  See the 4 examples below that illustrate my point and try to be creative with what you have on hand so the next time you’re short on cash, you won’t be short on style at your party!

Here is a perfect example of taking something that most people don’t want to use and using it to make an impression.  Baby’s Breath is commonly used as the cheap filler flower in bouquets and arrangements, but look at how beautiful it becomes when used in mass.  Baby’s Breath is very inexpensive to buy, so buy a bunch – the bonus: it works in any season.  (image from RealSimple.com)


This is a wonderful way to add drama without creating it in your financial affairs.  For evening soirees, set out votive candles and/or floating candles in mass.  They are easy to use and inexpensive to buy.  Use low lying bowls that you have around the house for the floating candles.  Buy enough to cover your table with light! I guarantee you’ll get “ohs” and “ahs” from your guests.

Sweet Bars are a dynamite idea for dessert and can double as the take-home favor too.   Serve up candies, cookies and cake in one color to delight and amuse your guests.  The use of a monochromatic color scape  makes it possible to buy less expensive dessert without looking like you’re pinching pennies (it can even glam up M&Ms).  Make sure to serve the sweets on a tablecloth of the same color.

Cut down on some serious cost with your party beverages by buying 1 to 3 items and serving them in bulk.  Serve them on a table covered in the color of the bottle or can to add impact.  You can also add drama by hanging paper lanterns or tissue poms of the same color over the bar area.  Set out ice and cute straws for sipping and you’ll have the look you want without looking like you skimped.


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