7 Spring Floral Arrangement Ideas – Make All For Less Than $20

Make All 7 Pretty Flower Arrangements for Less Than $20 – here’s how from Elizabeth…

Would you believe I created these 7 flower arrangements with flowers I picked up at the local supermarket for less than $20? I took advantage of the store special “18 roses for $12.99” – I couldn’t believe these beauties were the only bunch left. With the roses in hand, I shopped around to find a happy little filler flower to complement the gorgeous hot pink/coral hue of the roses and selected these light apple green filler flowers (the supermarket always has a version of these, whether they are the mini button poms, daisies, or mums) for $4.99. Total cost of flowers: $17.98 + tax.


As soon as I got home, I put the flowers in water while I got together a collection of bottles, vases and glasses for the arrangements. I always start my floral arranging by assembling the main centerpiece – it’s a focal point and I want the freedom to use what I need, not what I have leftover. My first choice for a container was my “go-to” glass globe vase – always look gorgeous on the dining room table or anywhere! I simply gathered a few bunches of the green flowers, cut them to the height of the vase, and arranged them in the vase.  Then, I repeated this process with 6 roses, arranging roses throughout the arrangements – just love this color combo.



Now a pop of color for the bar cart – three simple roses arranged in an interesting liquor bottle seemed fitting. I love the shape of the Patrón bottles and have been squirreling them away instead of recycling them. Say no more, I’m in love with this one, it will be a staple on my bar cart!



For the living room mantle, I used two delicate mercury footed vases to hold one rose each – sometimes a single bloom can be just the thing when placed in the right spot. Mine fit perfectly on either side of a crystal-footed bowl filled with granny smith apples.  You can see I’m continuing with the color combo.




Here’s another simple yet special arrangement, three roses in a pretty crystal decanter for the family room or wherever you end up after the main meal.



Inevitably, there are a few leftover flowers, so into a cute juice glass went the green flowers (love the green and orange color combo) to set by the sink in the kitchen. And lastly, one single rose (this one was a paler hue than the rest and paired perfectly with this sweet apple green bud vase) for the powder room.



There are now flowers in every room of the first floor of my home – my entertaining space. So, wherever my guests go there will be fresh flowers and I did it all for less than $20.00! Big impact, great value, happy host – I don’t know why, but fresh flowers in the house always makes me feel so good.

So while you’re shopping the supermarket for your next gathering or holiday, don’t forget to scout out the fresh flowers: seek out specials on roses – they always seems to be running them, consider which flowers look and smell good, and once you’ve selected your main bunch of flowers find a complementary filler. In the meantime, start setting aside your stash of containers – interesting bottles, decanters, vases, glasses, etc.

Happy Spring & Happy Hunting!





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