7 Super Tips For Saving Money This Easter!

If you are hosting Easter this year, we have 7 super ways to save you money! If you like these, be sure to head over to our favorite site for advice on saving money,  Money Talks News! Stacy Johnson and the MTN’s team have all the latest and greatest tips – you can follow them on twitter @MoneyTalksNews and facebook too.

1. Start by hosting a brunch, not dinner.  Gear your meal toward breakfast and substitute starches, like pancakes, waffles and breads for more expensive proteins and vegetables.  If meat is a must-have on your menu, choose ham not lamb, it’s about half the price per pound and it’s easier to prepare.  For lots of tips on Brunch Basics >

2.  If brunch is not your thing and you’re on a seriously tight budget, starches are still a great way to stretch your dollar. Serve pasta with vegetables and diced ham.  It’s a delicious way to satisfy your guests while giving them all the tastes of a more traditional meal.  Check out our 8 amazing ham glaze recipes>

3.  Steer clear of expensive fruit trays and platters – these are budget busters! Instead, serve a spinach salad with strawberries.  Both are in season, so they are affordable and at their peak of flavor.  See our simple spinach salad recipe>

4. Avoid the bakery and prepared baked goods aisle at your supermarket.  Bake, don’t buy and save a bundle! Check out these cool Easter Basket Cupcakes>

5.  If you want to serve wine this Easter, but think it’s too expensive to serve a crowd, try this trick.  Don’t dismiss the wine, make a little go a long way by stretching it with juice or seltzer – wine spritzers and sangria are festive options.

6. Don’t fall into the trap of buying Easter Egg Dying Kits. Keep your money in your pocket as you already have what you need at home.  Use two standard pantry items, white vinegar and food coloring, and water to dye your eggs. The general rule is mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and 1 cup of hot water, and, then add drops of food color until you are happy with the hue. The directions are on the back of many food-coloring packages.

7.  Make your decorations pull double duty for you. Buy potted plants to use as Eater centerpieces and decorations instead of cut flowers. which will die within days.  When Easter is over, plant the potted plants in your outdoor garden.

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