Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

I love it when someone gives me a gift they made themselves – food gifts are always my favorite! A homemade gift not only touches the heart, 1.) it keeps you out of the mall 2.) is a wonderful way to involve the kids and illustrate the spirit of giving at the Holidays and 3.) it can really stretch your holiday budget without feeling like you skimped.  A “win win” for giver and receiver!

Pictured above are a few of my favorite ideas for making gifts that I found while researching the topic of DIY Gifts. I came across too many to post here, but if you want to see more, use the links below to go to these great sites.  Each is full of fabulous ideas. Remember a gift that was made with your hands and from your heart is the best gift of all!

From GoodHousekeeping.com Chai Spiced Tea Loves (use link for instruction on how to make)  I love these small gourmet breads, you can bake up a bunch and wrap individually or if you are giving this to a group ( like the folks who work in your school or church office) use a tin and put in a loaf for each person.

From BHG.com Rosemary Topiary (use link for instruction on how to make) If you are not hosting this holiday bring this gift to your hosts.  It looks beautiful on the Christmas table and can be used for spice in the year ahead.

From Real Simple Fudge Sauce (use link for instruction on how to make) I love this idea because it is as simple as it is special and who doesn’t love fudge sauce.  This is perfect on it’s own or add crepe mix or a cute ice cream scooper to go with it.

From RealSimple.com  – Cinnamon Twists (use link for instruction on how to make) Here is a gift idea that everyone in the family can enjoy. I love these with tea and fruit in the morning, they make a great treat for the day after Christmas.  Include a note to this effect with your gift and some tea bags.

From BHG.com Fresh Flower Ornament (use link for instruction on how to make)  Instead of sending flowers make them!  I think this makes a great gift for seniors.  Sometime it’s so hard to think of what to get Grandma and it may be harder for her to decorate. Bring your gift to her before Christmas and let her enjoy it all week.  You can sit it on a pretty plate as picture or you can hang it .  It’s festive and fun and the carnations used to make it last a long time and are inexpensive.

From Real Simple.com  – Mixed Spiced Nuts (use link for instruction on how to make) This gift is great for the guys and pairs well with a cold one and football!

Dawn’s Note: Always include a note with the recipe for a food gift, so that those with food allergies know the ingredients or fans of your gift can make it themselves.

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