Polenta Is Perfect Party Food For Just Pennies A Serving!

Polenta is known as the pasta of the Northern Italy. It’s amazingly versatile, inexpensive and perfect parties!  You can make it in 5 minutes with water, or add broth or milk for more flavor or creaminess.  You can bake it, fry it,  grill it or serve it from the pot like a thick soup.   At just pennies a serving you can use polenta as a side dish, an appetizer, dessert or even a base for pizza when you are hosting a crowd on a tight budget.

I love it plain with shaved parmesan cheese or spiced up and baked with sausage and roasted tomatoes. Be creative and experiment or start with this recipes roundup below…

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  1. I absolutely adore polenta! Thanks for this awesome recipe round-up! I featured it on my last blog post, check it out! Love your site!

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