Create a Wish Banner for Milestone Celebrations!

Decorate for your celebration and create a special keepsake for the guest of honor!

Create a “Wish Banner” for your next celebration – you can use it to decorate and as an activity, while the guest of honor will take it home as a keepsake. Display the banner on a flat surface for guests to write down their “wish” for the honoree as they enter the party – multiple guests can write on each flag. If space is not an issue you can leave the banner as is for duration of party or hang it for all to enjoy. When the party is over, wrap it up and send it home with the guest of honor. This activity/gift is perfect for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries or any milestone celebration.

We also love this for a baby shower – how sweet for guests to record their anticipation of welcoming this baby into this world and then hanging it in the baby’s room.



  • 6-10 10” x 10” patterned fabric squares (2-3 yards of fabric)

(choose 2 or 3 coordinating fun fabrics suited to guest of honor and type of celebration)

  • 6-10 6” x 6” white cotton fabric squares (1-2 yards of fabric)

(choose a weight somewhere between a light cotton and canvas fabric – you want to make sure you can write on it)

  • 2-3 yards coordinating cording or ribbon
  • Assorted fabric pens



  1. Place a 10” x 10” square of fabric face down on ironing board, fold over ½” on sides and bottom and press with iron (this is a prep step to make sewing seams easier). On top fold over 1” and press with iron – stitch/sew to create a rod pocket (this is how you will string the flags to create the banner). Now, sew the side and bottom seams – be careful when sewing sides not to sew closed the rod pocket on either end at the top. Repeat process with remaining flags.
  2. Repeat above process with 6” x 6” squares of white fabric, except you don’t need a rod pocket, so simply fold over ½” on top, bottom and sides, press and sew seam to neatly finish squares.
  3. Center a white square on each fabric square and either affix with a glue gun or sew on.
  4. Lay your finished flags out side-by-side (position top of flags with rod pockets at top) and string cording/ribbon through each. Position to your liking and display with assorted fabric pens.





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