Cupcake Wars Birthday Party Idea for Little Ones!

Kids love cupcakes and helping in the kitchen so mix the two to come up with a fun Birthday Party theme that’s great for girls or boys!

Host a “Cupcake Wars” birthday party for little ones.  Invite kids to be chefs for the day, and celebrate your little one’s day, in a sweet way.  You can buy aprons , chef hats and miniature spatulas online and have them double as a party favors – this will make the kids feel special.  For the party activity, bake cupcakes ahead of time, and then let your guests decorate them with icing and fun toppings, like sprinkles and assorted candies.  Set out bowls at a table, so kids can help themselves and let them loose to create whatever they like.  When the cupcake creations are finished, award each child a prize in categories like:  “Craziest Cupcake”, “Coolest Cupcake” and “Most Colorful Cupcake” -  you get the idea.  You can print out certificates that you create in a word document, for each guest, it’s easy!  Let each child bring home their creation to show Mom or Dad.

After the decorating,  have the kids join in for a game of Cupcake Land!  I found this wall decal game at French Bull, you simply peel and stick over 100 rearrangeable wall decals, from stars and hearts to numbered squares for kids learning to count.  After the party, keep it up on the wall and you can build and rebuild a unique land every day. Each wall sticker is repositionable and won’t leave sticky messes behind.  Available at French Bull> (the game only comes with 2 game pieces, but you can use any decal for this.)

As a sweet ending to the birthday bash, have the kids sing happy birthday to the guest of honor and enjoy cupcakes (in lieu of cake of course!)  that spell out . . .

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y!

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  1. A cupcake wars birthday party is a unique idea! Thank you for sharing.

  2. You are welcome – hope you enjoy!

  3. Have a beautiful day. Enjoy the summer and express your love. DJ Nunta

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