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Today I want to share NEW moviement with you that I hope you’ll consider viewing and taking part in!

As women, we are constantly inundated with messaging that consciously and subconsciously determines how we feel about ourselves. From the time that we are old enough to process images, read words and understand what is going on around us, we are pumped excessively full of stigmas, labeled and shoved into molds created and perpetuated by society and even our own parents. By the time we reach puberty, we are painfully aware of our bodies and how utterly inadequate they are. This brainwashing is an inescapable part of coming into womanhood and will remain with us for the duration of our lives. Or is it? Put down the stigma and back away.

  • What if we could turn the tides on what kind of messages females receive about body image and self love?
  • What would happen if females started speaking out and using social media to demand a more all encompassing standard of beauty?
  • Furthermore, what if we joined our collective power and supported a movie that did just that?

Big things would happen. A shift would start to occur. The men that control most major motion picture studios would be forced to pay attention and change their game plan, because if they didn’t, their thinly veiled, overtly testosterone filled “chick flicks” would surely suffer. Women hold the power of the dollar and though we may not have realized it, we really do hold the power when it comes to deciding what it is we want to see on the silver screen and media as a whole. Believe it or not, we can control what the media offers up as entertainment and subsequently, standards for beauty and love. We can also spur the radical shift needed to ensure that future generations of females blossom into self confident, self loving women. The good news is, we already have our avatar. She comes in the form of a woman named Cathryn Michon and she brings us a catalyst of change in the form a movie called Muffin Top: A Love Story.

Recipe for success

“96 out of 100 women think one bad thought about their bodies every day, and the other for women are liars,” proclaims the Writer/Director/Star of this romantic comedy made by women and for women. If this is true, Muffin Top could not come at a more crucial time. The movie delivers its core message to love yourself now, not five pounds from now, packaged in heart warming romance costarring David Arquette and topped of with belly busting laughs from such leading ladies as Marissa Jaret Winokur, Melissa Peterman and the late Marcia Wallace. Cathryn Michon is the rarest of showbiz creatures, a female Writer/Director/Actor in a mainstream romantic comedy. In the tradition of Lena Dunham, she mined her own insecurities, and cruelly photographed her own fat, to create a hilarious andrelatable comedy about the insanity of female body image in our photoshop culture. “I care so much about telling authentic women’s stories, I put my fat on a movie poster. I’m using my fat for good and not evil,” says Michon. “This is a story about a normal woman, with normal insecurities. The kind of woman mainstream showbiz likes to pretend doesn’t exist.” Every working piece of this film was created by a woman, right down to the score. This is a first for the film industry. This is more than a movie. It is a moviement. It is the spark that will ignite a profound change in women’s roles in Hollywood and film making.

Here’s the official trailer…

For every problem there is a solution. We have known what the problem is with regard to female selfesteem and negative body image for a very long time. There are just not enough movies about positive body image out there and a loud enough demand for them. We now have a catalyst. We have a tool at our disposal called social media. We have a moviement.

There are several ways that you can take part in this moviement:

  • The first and most important is to watch the Muffin Top the movie.
  • You can preorder it now on iTunes:
  • You can come tweet with the cast and women around the world on October 29th at the prepremier Twitter party at 9pm PST by using the #MuffinTopMovie hashtag.
  • You can attend one of the Red Carpet premier events around the county. Locations can be found on the website>.
  • You can tell a friend, your neighbor, or even a random stranger about the movie and how it made you feel. Word of mouth is and always has been the most powerful way to get a message out.
  • You can share this post to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform that you use!

Let’s stand together, declaring that we want to see more movies that teach about the importance of selflove. Let’s prove to Hollywood that these kinds of movies are worth making because we will support them and ask for more! Let’s show our daughters that we are a force to be reckoned with and they wilbe too someday because of the example that we set.

And most of all, let’s agree to start truly loving ourselves NOW, not five pounds from now.  Where you can find us and join the Muffin Top moviement:


Facebook: MuffinTop Film>

Twitter: @MuffinTopMovie>

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