Operation Shower “Once Upon A Shower” in New York!

On August 22nd, Operation Shower will be gifting 40 military moms-to-be, a once in a life time baby shower!  The event will be held during The Barclays, in Bethpage, NY.  The beautiful, Melissa Joan Hart, star of ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey who is expecting her third child, will be serving as special guest host.  (read more here>)



there was a beautiful fairy princess named, LeAnn, whose heart was big and full of love.  Princess LeAnn was looking for a way to show her uncle, who was a brave soldier protecting her and her castle from danger in a land far, far away, how much she loved him.   One day she sent a note to him, asking what she could do to bring him and his army of soldiers joy.  Her brave and loving uncle replied that 4 of his soldiers’ wives were expecting babies and asked Princess LeAnn to send them notes of congratulations instead. That sparked an idea, so Princess LeAnn gathered family and friends together to send a “shower in a box” with gifts for each of the wives.  This created a celebration in the village and when Princess LeAnn saw the joy that these gifts brought to the mothers-to-be, she knew she needed to continue spreading love across the land.


Since March 2007, Operation Shower founder, LeAnn Morrissey, along with her amazing team has showered more than 450 women on military bases and other locations for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard.  We are honored to be joining forces with LeAnn’s team here in NY next week to participate in Operation Shower “Once Upon A Shower”.

You can join the team too!   There are many ways to help.   As a non-profit, Operation Shower is in need of financial support. You can make an on-line donation through Paypal and Google Checkout at www.OperationShower.org .  You can also send a check donation to the address listed on their site.   In addition, Shower Sponsors are always welcome.

We’ll post again after the shower, to share all the LOVE and JOY with YOU!  Stay tuned…



7 Responses to Operation Shower “Once Upon A Shower” in New York!

  1. I love this! After having 6 kids, and husband gone so much on Deployments, work ups, and School, I never had a hubby around for the pregnancy part… obviously only the beginning of it LOL. Never had a baby shower or a welcome home baby shower, so reading about this touches close to the heart 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful organization with us! I love reading about orgs that support the military community.

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  4. I think this is just wonderful. I know how it feels to be a military spouse expecting a baby while your spouse is deployed. It’s extremely difficult to be alone, pregnant, and trying to set up a nursery, attend pregnancy classes alone, and work out a birthing plan that generally involves a friend or acquaintance.

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