ULTA Beauty Fashion Week Blogger Event – #ULTAatNYFW

Fashion Week in New York was the place to be this month and we were so excited to partner with ULTA Beauty to host a morning all about beauty at Caravan Styling Studio in the heart of the NYC Fashion District.

ULTA Beauty has teamed up with Caravan Stylist Studio as its official makeup sponsor.  In doing so, it plays an important role helping to support the revitalization of the legendary Fashion District and to continue its presence in the New York area (To learn more visit).   That’s only one of the reasons this event was so special.

Others were… the bright lights, big city, beautiful bloggers and amazing ULTA Beauty products – the energy was electric as we welcomed and introduced top Fashion Bloggers to Fabulous!

The space was quickly filled with buzz, excitement and warmth as our guests and fellow bloggers enjoyed being treated to make-up styling by ULTA Beauty’s team of expert artists. Everyone had been running around from event to event the past week and all were so happy to enjoy this heavenly haven created just for them. Eyes, lips, lashes, cheeks, hair, nails – it was all going on – so many beautiful products, so many luscious colors, we just couldn’t get enough!

Although the make-up lights were bright, the beauty shining from within these women was the brightest – everyone was energized and excited by their ULTA Beauty make-up styling. You could feel just how beautiful everyone felt – see for yourself in the pictures below

Beautiful Bloggers…

Bloggers in attendance: Candace Amos, Alicia Gibbs, Aliza Freud, Beth Feldman, Corine Ingrassia, Corinne Sherman, Cristie Ritz-King , Dana Holmes, Elizabeth Mascali, Emily Morgan, Erika Katz, Fiona Pietruski, Gabrielle Horowitz, Jen Tilley, Jessica Shyba, Jo-Lynne Shane, Julia Beck, Jyl Johnson Pattee, Kimberly Allers, Kimberly Coleman, Melissa Angert, Nafeesa Saboor, Nicole Felciano, Rebecca Levey, Shari Von Holten, Whitney Wingerd

Bright Lights…

Big City…

Bold Colors…

ABOUT ULTA BEAUTY: We are so fortunate to have an ULTA Beauty Store within 20 minutes of our homes.  It offers over 20,000 beauty products across the categories of cosmetics, fragrance, hair care, skincare, bath and body products and salon styling tools, as well as a full-service salon in all stores.  It’s our one-stop shopping for prestige, mass and salon products and services.   It offers affordable indulgence by combining the product breadth, value and convenience of a beauty superstore with the distinctive environment and experience of a specialty retailer.  You feel this the minute you walk into one of the ULTA Beauty destinations (or online at Ulta.com).

There are 455 ULTA Beauty destinations in the U.S. and the company expects to open 1,000 more stores across the nation!  To learn more about ULTA and find a store in your area, check out Ulta.com.   To stay up on the latest products, news and deals follow @ULTA_Beauty on twitter and like the ULTA Beauty facebook page.


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